November 2019

We were nearing the point of no return but for the time being everything was still okay, celebrations were in order, only in our home the direction was already prominently displayed: Straight to Hell.











This is our November for my Calendar series for which each month I choose twenty photos from the same month one year ago.

November here is dry and warm until it isn’t and a mini tornado hits and uproots thousands of trees and the sea rises and makes lakes where there were fields. And the next day a rainbow makes everything okay.

On the afternoon of the tornado we went to the theatre, for the first time in Italy, and bestia waited in the car, and then we drove back home for 50 km in such a rain that I had never seen.

Other than that, it was pleasant. One weekend, by chance, I discovered Pasolini’s hood in Rome. Long time no Rome.

Last November week we spent in Slovenia where my parents celebrated their golden love in a Michelin-recommended restaurant and with a surprise accordionist later at home.

It’s one year since and changes are drastic. Who would have thought that my 50th birthday party in May would only be held online.

In our home we turned the record cover over too. Now it says Should I Stay or Should I Go.

One more month of 2020. That went fast. Some good news around too. What I wish for all of us is to sail between these two peninsulas wisely and with good fortune on our side.

It is a joy to be hidden, and disaster not to be found.

~D.W. Winnicott

Happy hiding and finding! And now, here is my last November.

Finally, allow me to add a private gallery. At the end of last November my parents celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary and we were there to do it with them. This year I won’t be anywhere near, nor with my sister and my only cousin whom I see so rarely, other relatives, my two oldest friends. Here we all are. The last photo shows amore’s opinion of slow food and its portion sizes. 😀

Here are the ten months of 2019 so far:

And here are three previous Novembers for comparison:

26 thoughts on “November 2019

  1. The kitties are so cute!! We went to one of those restaurants once and I could not even look at my husband. I knew he would look just like your amore. **We went out to eat after this dinner** 😀

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  2. I love it when the birds cluster like that and then swam around, often ending back where they were. The filled zucchini picture takes me back to my childhood. My grandmother would make that when her garden was producing zucchini in abundance. It was so good.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Interestingly, November is pretty dry and sunny here and given we have lots of rain throughout the year, I’m really enjoying this time of the year. And we’re talking of slow constant rain. It rarely rains so hard like there.

    I love that donkey and the cat and yes, I’m impressed that Bestia waited in the car while you were at the theater. What a dog.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. “And the next day a rainbow makes everything okay.” We all deserve a BIG rainbow after 2020…

    I share your amore’s disdain for cuisine nouvelle. They call it “slow food” now, eh?

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