Thursday Doors, 12/11/20: Farnese 4.

It’s Farnese doors, part four. These took eight minutes to take. The last door photo in this town was taken two hours later. I did spend some time on lunch, but picture all the door posts still to come.











No matter how much I’d sworn to take only pictures of the doors that really deserved it, I got jumped and swallowed by a town, once again. And now I just cannot make myself to make a selection. Why should I? We have all these Thursdays to fill.

Plus, they are all pretty doors and they draw a picture of Flavia and me rushing through this town almost a month ago, the last time we saw each other.

She is looking up for windows, getting hungry, I’m looking straight for doors, and left – oh, an arch – and right – oh, a dog! And on – ahh, a cat behind bars! So you can see exactly how being swallowed by an Italian medieval town feels like. (Or maybe even older than that.) ((This is to say that Flavia sees more – all this and windows too.))

As I’m getting this post ready (in Word), the internet connection has been down all day. And since yesterday Tuscany is an orange zone as well (Lazio and Rome are still yellow), meaning all bars and restaurants are closed and I’m not to leave my municipality. Okay, no lagoon I can handle, no meals and drinks easily, no friends or family barely, but no internet?

(ADD-IT: The line was down all day but now I can finally post my doors.)

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For Norm Frampton’s Thursday Doors challenge

43 thoughts on “Thursday Doors, 12/11/20: Farnese 4.

  1. The warm brown door looks to have panels. I wonder if they sit over the windows. I don’t see hinges, but there does seem to be hardware at the top and bottom of each panel. Intriguing. Near the bottom, I see a panel over one window.

    I love the old married couple 🙂

    The narrow street scene is so full of interesting things. The dog, the cat, the door at number 80. There are just so many!

    It’s very hard to type without being pulled back into the gallery. I think it’s the type of gallery you’re using. Certain letters take the reader back into the gallery view. I’m typing this comment outside of the comment box (Notepad) and pasting it in.

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    1. Thanks for telling me this, Dan. I thought at first that you mean it as a compliment, that you must keep going back into the gallery since the doors are so nice, but now I see that it’s actually a complaint. 😀 I haven’t been told this yet or experienced in on other people’s blogs. It sounds really bothersome. Thank you for persevering. But I like my gallery so much!

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      1. A couple of months ago, I did a poll on which of the gallery options people liked best. I had this complaint from several people. After stepping into the gallery and exiting, if you go to leave a comment, typing certain letters reopens the gallery. I believe it’s the Masonry Gallery.

        I love the images!

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  2. Ahh another lovely post. Tunnels and arches, old stone and wood, cats and dogs, plus lots and lots of beautiful doors. It all just reminds me of how much I miss being able to travel, but mostly how much I miss Italy 🙂

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  3. Love that in the rest of the world I see the laundry hanging outside to dry. It makes me feel at home:) Beautiful collection of doors, Manja:) Have a fun weekend, Jesh

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  4. You take such gorgeous photos. I wonder what you’ll be able to do when the new/old camera gets into your hands. You are an artist. In my opinion, all of these doors are perfect enough to be included in a post! I haven’t been aware of being swallowed by a city before, but I think I would like it, based on how this went. I’m adding “Consumption by Italian Medieval City” to my bucket list.

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      1. Ooo, great for you! Red zone, meaning that we are not to leave our house unless it’s urgent, for work, health, or to walk the dog. We can only go grocery shopping but not out of our municipality which is very small and has one small and expensive shop. Amore is still driving to Rome daily for work though.

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  5. Oh Manja, what are you doing to me? Now I am really missing Italy…its unfinished paint and textured walls, its hanging laundry its wonderful doors, its cobbled streets…Take me back. Anyway, thanks Flavia for taking me along with your walk.

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      1. Yes, love it so much but as tourists we went to iconic places and I already liked it so much. But seeing it in your eyes is just something special. Thanks Manja for sharing.


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