January 2019

It is time to begin again, said the calendar and plopped this January on us to handle however we see fit. Just right for the first post of my Calendar 2019 for which I select twenty photos from each month a year ago.










I have just put away the Calendar for the year 2018 – here is the final post – and conveniently a new year started.

The Pannonian Sailor used to sing I don’t like January but I don’t have a problem with it, neither with Mondays, especially since today is holiday, Epiphany or some such, hurrah.

Also, today is the birthday of my grandmother, baca Zana, and another hurrah for her and all my ancestors of whose love I’m a result. Here she is with her husband, my grandpa who died on this day of all days, her birthday. That’s me in the middle. The cat on the left was green. And still is, right there in Maribor.

Photo: Father

And now let’s have a look at last January, blooming and flamingoing away. I didn’t go far and then again, I don’t need to. Everything is here somewhere.

Here are three previous Januaries, for comparison:

13 thoughts on “January 2019

    1. Ah, thank you, Flavia. These were taken one year ago though. Maybe I got worse after that! 😮 😉 Or maybe my selection skills are getting better. I once heard it say that a photographer is only as good as their selection process.


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