May 2019

Let’s pretend for a moment that 2020 never happened and it’s still May 2019. This is how it would look like.











This post is part of my ongoing Calendar 2019 project. Every month I look back a year and choose twenty images from that month that stand out. The criteria are many, varied, and highly nuanced. That is to say: I choose how I feel.

Today it’s twenty photos plus one because the last photo was taken by amore and I add it here out of contest.

May is always a giving month. Two posts already contain only photos from last May: the one about the wetness of Terme di Saturnia, and the one with the many examples of how I crop.

Today I show you Orbetello from above, the view from my roof, various flowers including poppies, and then we move to Slovenia where I spent my birthday week last year. And let me tell you, it was cold and murky but I was with my people.

For the only sun we had to leave Ljubljana and head to Lake Cerknica where I got to test my first pro toy (the last four photos). It pays to forget your camera at home.

But first Costa d’Argento, Maremma, Tuscany, where I’m at.

Here are the four months of 2019 so far:

And here are three previous Mays for comparison:

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