Yes to excess (About me)

Hello, lovely people!

This is the About me page of my fifth blog in the company of happy excessive poppies.


I don’t think Judy envisioned that her comment would make it into my new blog’s name. But that’s what I am: Manja Maksimovič, Ms Excessive.

This must be why I keep filling my blogs, my heart, my shelves, my fridge.

And when I pack, I pack everything because less would be not enough.

Unsurprisingly, I have filled up four blogs by now and this is my fifth.

Here are the previous ones, for the orderly:


This time I have chosen the Pictorico theme and it took me a week to choose the featured photos alone.

You see, I’m suffering from the suddenly-new-huge-screen syndrome, and suddenly no photo is good enough. Still, I have selected twelve (yes! excess!) that are randomised so you never know which one you will get.

Play the game: how often you need to refresh to view them all. (That is, unless I’m having temporary featured content up there instead.)

While you do that, have some poppies.

I’m still wrangling this theme but with time this place will improve.

Yes, this is a big screen blog and it’s best viewed on anything other than the phone. My photos are big, bold and excessive, and are best viewed in the horizontal colourful gallery by clicking on one of them. In this case captions are not visible though. WordPress said: you can’t have it all. Make sure you read those as well.

ADD-IT, June 2020: WordPress fixed it and now the captions are visible also in the gallery. Yay! Who says that 2020 sucks?

Those who have seen any or all of my previous blogs know that it’s pretty calm around here, except when it’s not, that the excess is purely visual (but there is no telling what I will tell), that the stress is on positive dangling from the downward spiral, and that chilling is heartily recommended.

You can be pretty sure that doors will be posted on Thursday, Friendly Fridays will be celebrated, several other challenges will be answered with images from Slovenia where I am from and Italy, especially Rome and Tuscany where I have lived for six years.

In other news, I should be writing and then I’m not. Well, I write captions on a good day and some say they are funny, and I write poems in April and on some other days.

I live with amore and bestia in rural Tuscany and some days it’s hard to tell them apart.

I used to go everywhere with my camera but this August I stopped doing that. Maybe in this way this blog will last at least a year. Happy tripping with me.

August 29th 2019

Mother said: “Take your camera to the bathroom!”