July 2019

So that it’s not only Thursday doors on my blog, here is my monthly Calendar post in which I have a look at the same month last year.












Last July my uncle came to Tuscany to fetch me and bring me to Slovenia where I spent time in the capital Ljubljana, in the nearby Volčji Potok arboretum, on the coast in Piran, and one memorable day in the north-east of the country, in the head of the chicken if you agree that Slovenia has the shape of a hen.

Here are twenty glimpses from all these places. And at the end of the post I add ten people photos to make up for lack of happening on my blog lately.

How are you doing? And I really mean it as a question. I’m home alone with bestia and we’re having a stormy Saturday. Uncle brought some blueberries, I play cards online and put ice on my painful feet three times a day. We caught half an hour with no rain for a walk but now here comes thunder and rain again.

Two more weeks and then amore joins me, if he still recognises me, and we are off to the lovely Alpine resort Kranjska Gora with my parents to spend the 200 Eur coupon that the state of Slovenia grants to all adult residents to spend a few nights in a local establishment (with breakfast) in order to boost post-korona tourism.

If you ask George Tsakraklides – and we should, he knows – this is a wrong thing to do. What we should do is program the death of capitalism, just like a plant drops its leaves, and fruit, when the drought comes. Not only it’s high time, but it’s the only thing left to do.

Here are the six months of 2019 so far:

And here are three previous Julies (Julys?) for comparison:

And finally as promised, since I’m not posting much if at all lately, here is the second gallery, of faces from last July. Summer months are full of socialising, or should we start saying were? In any case, these photo memories are here to stay. Be well.


25 thoughts on “July 2019

  1. What happened to your feet? Are you okay? How nice of the Government to aim to promote tourism. Is there a time frame to using it?
    And thanks for the link to George’s blog. It looks interesting.

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    1. Thanks for your concern, Amanda. My feet have a calcination problem for the last three years, but now it’s the first time I’m doing ultra sound-laser-electricity physiotherapy. The therapist told me to put ice on them three times a day. For now there is not much improvement. And yes, the tourism aid is to be used by the end of the year.


    1. Oh, Andrea, I’m afraid I worded this wrong. Of course there are still new cases daily, and the use of masks is obligatory in public places indoors, but there are quite many people around, including tourists, especially by the sea. But yes, we are going to that resort, be as it may.

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