August 2019

It’s high time I do my Calendar post in which I look back a year at twenty images to see what was going on this month last year, just without the masks. And with insects.









Since our Thursday Doors host Norm is on holidays for three weeks, there won’t be a regular door post today, but some doors have still crept in.

You will see lined up: first in Slovenia, a swim in one of the most beautiful lakes in the world, a concert by the same lake of two sisters who always lift me up, our regular garden card tournament, some more seaside days in Piran, a lovely reunion, and just before the end of the month uncle brought me back to Tuscany.

Unlike last and pretty much every August for the last seven years since I’ve lived in Tuscany, this year I returned from Slovenia early, two weeks ago. I, and bestia just as much, went through a heat and crowd shock. Now it’s been a bit breezy and better, especially since we figured out that our air-conditioning, even without gas which is leaking somewhere, makes for a grand heavy metal fan.

I’m so out of touch with humanity that when I pass the first who wears a mask on my dog walk, I almost gasp. Almost forget why. In Slovenia we only wore them publicly indoors, whereas Italians wear them on motorcycles, in this heat.

What I notice, and cannot pretend I don’t, is severe lack of insects. Amore says it’s because of LED lights, and I nod. This must be it.

There was one bird by the lagoon. On the other hand, the first flamingos have been seen on Lake Burano already. And they set up a huge illuminated sign there that reads SPAZIO AMATO. Yes, this place is loved. (And the space too. Spazio also means the Universe.) I’ll show it here soon.

Plus I have seen two rabbits. And that sole remaining Goose of the Apocalypse that seemed so sad? Now they are two again.

I realise that with my sporadic blogging activity, and especially by not visiting other blogs, I’m losing my dear readers. I wish you well, wherever you are. None of you is forgotten nor ever will be. (Oh, and Fabrizio has a book out!)

And finally, this was last August.

Here are the seven months of 2019 so far:

And here are three previous Augusts for comparison:


20 thoughts on “August 2019

  1. You’re not the only one posting your regularly. I think we are all learning to be Buddhists and live in the moment, one day at a time. It’s hard to blog when you can’t hold a thought for more than 2 seconds before your brain returns to the world and our situation. Always enjoy your pictures and seeing you pop up in my reader. Glad you are enjoying your home country. Stay healthy.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I hope it is getting better, Manja – here it is now pouring rain every day. Stay well – looking forward to hearing more from you when the heat goes down!

        Liked by 1 person

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