March 2019

I don’t know about you, but I shall keep concentrating on the pretty and the positive. This was last March when things were so much simpler.








Last March yielded so many special photos that I will have to do another post on it for my Calendar 2019 in the making, today’s twenty just won’t be enough. The second post will feature various animals, only Bestia insisted that he joins today’s post with the focus on how the rest of the nature wakes up.

Of all the articles on the virus that I’ve read, this one makes the most sense: The coronavirus is the gift that the benevolent Earth sends to humanity, “even though we have reached the stage where we don’t deserve any more warnings”, writes George Tsakraklides. I guess Wuhan and northern Italy really needed some help with those emissions…

And yet, the virus is keeping some dear people away and some other dear people in worry. I wonder how it continues and how our new normal will look like. Because something has got to give.

Here are the two months of 2019 so far:

And here are three previous Marches for comparison:

52 thoughts on “March 2019

  1. The dreaded sweet gum balls. Don’t step on those things!!! I really like the photo of the moon. Round light on the top of your photo and round light on the bottom. Very nice, Manja.

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      1. Ohh, I see. I was thinking something more sinister, like a chemical reaction, something like your poison ivy that we don’t have in Europe. I was starting to worry for my dog! But tripping and falling we can manage. 🙂 Thanks!

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  2. I’m thinking maybe the tree is a sycamore? I see another commenter said sweet gum. The difference: sweet gum pods are hard and prickly. She is right- no bare feet. Sycamore seed balls, on the other hand, come apart quite easily in an explosion of fluffy seedlets. Not so hard on feet. It will be up to you to test things out and decide!

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    1. 😀 Thanks, Claudia. I’m not sure if such a test is really necessary right now. I know sycamores (or plane trees, at least I think they are relatives if not the same), we have them in Ljubljana too. But these ball trees in Italy are new for me. I find them really cheerful.


      1. We have a row of sweet gums across the street. The school planted them 60 years ago. They are large and those balls make me crazy as there are a lot of them, they go into the street and form little islands of balls and need to be swept up. Ugh. Not a good choice of street tree. We also have a couple of sweet gums in the back yard (I have wondered if the owners of our house at the time filched a couple from the school’s supply before they were planted – I have hear tales. Our back yard is filled with the balls right now. When I mow them up in the spring, they make a noise in the mower like bingo balls in the container, pinging around. I like that. Sweet gum story, from my house in PA, USA!

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  3. It saddens me to think that environmentally speaking the best thing to happen in recent memory to help save humanity from itself is a pandemic; carbon emissions in China are down more than 25% so far this year….
    I love the light in that bicycle shot and the sunset on the trees too.

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  4. I seemed to have “lost” your blog. Don’t know why. Second time it happens. (With another friend’s blog) Either a WP bug, or a keyboard mistake on my part. I hope you guys in Italy will be okay. The current paranoid situation won’t last long, hopefully. Best wishes.

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    1. Thank you, Equinoxio! Oh well spotted. I started this blog in the end of August, that’s when you had to find the follow button again. I’m hidden away between Siena and Rome in the countryside. Amore works in Rome, but there they have a history of seeing worse.

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    1. Thank you, Rupali. 🙂 Yes, this recipe is indeed intended to preserve zucchini to last longer. It’s more or less only oil, just a little vinegar, so it’s not salad. This particular dish didn’t last long though because we had it as appetiser soon after making it. 😀

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