October 2019

It’s time for a new month, I’m happy to report. Of last year, that is, for my calendar. This year each new month seems one too many.















How are you doing? I mean it really, as a question. Feel free to tell me what’s bothering or pleasing you at the moment, I’d really like to know. After the weekend home alone with bestia I feel absolutely removed from everything and everybody.

While you’re thinking about whether you are bothered or pleased or a bit of both, here are twenty images from last October which feels remoter than it should. It was a perfectly uneventful month without visitors or trips. The farthest I managed was to the Orbetello lagoon 15 minutes away. Talking about a lockdown prepping. And yet, all of this was what I saw.

Here are the nine months of 2019 so far:

And here are three previous Octobers for comparison:

33 thoughts on “October 2019

  1. I loved seeing all your old October photos. Somehow they seem so full of life and colour. Is that just my imagination? The goldens and Bestia. The blues at the facility. Your photograph of pomegranates! As to how am I doing? Thank you for genuinely wanting to know. Today I am thinking with sadness about when families fight after a death. My family is all in a tither. My stepsister said she is “raw.” My brother complained of having no idea what is going on. My Aunt is under huge stress. And me…I feel untouched really, but so sad for them. I don’t know why I feel such calm when so many are in pain, but I wish I could share my peace with them. I’m trying to, by contacting each one and offering calm, sensible words; not reacting to their emotions. Maybe it’s helping.

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    1. I’m sure it’s helping. Thank you for doing this, Crystal. Did you have any death in your family recently?

      Have you looked at all past Octobers? Usually this month is full of colours indeed, especially that time when I was in Slovenia. And also, I love colours so I tend to choose colourful images.

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  2. Loved all your colours of October – and the little Prince and Bestia. I am feeling – a bit better, but very tired. Last month I suddenly lost my mother in a heart attack. We managed to get there just in time to exchange some words before she was gone. The shock was devastating. As she had Alzheimer, I try to think it was a blessing for her to go that fast…sparing her – and us – maybe some years in a hospital where she would not recognize us any longer. I hate this year, 2020. As you say, each new month is one too many.
    Stay well, Manja. This too shall pass.


  3. “This year each new month seems one too many.” It does. Really. My mother passed away, unexpectedly, some weeks ago. Devastated, in chock. I thought I had written to you on your post – but I hadn’t. I know I went here to read it though. I don’t know anything anymore. My old father, 87, says of these C times, that “I’m glad there is some time left, so that I can catch up.” Always irony, always dry.
    I miss you, Manja, I miss the Little Prince – where did he go? I miss my life. Yet I should not complain. My mother had a good life for 85 years, and died before she withered too much from her Alzheimers. She could still laugh and joke, and she still recognized us. I must be grateful she was spared the worst part of it. But the shock. At least we got there in time and could talk for 10-15 minutes. But no goodbye – she wasn’t supposed to die of a heart attack.
    i hope there is a happier life after C.
    My best to Bestia


    1. Ohh, I’m so sorry, Ann-Christine. *huuugs* Sorry for the suddenness and that you weren’t able to say goodbye. But as you say, she had a good life.

      I’m right here but not in the mood to check blogs much or even go through my own photos. Something is in the air. I get to do some lovely daytrips, such as yesterday when Flavia and I went to a farm with 300 sheep and small goats, and horses and donkeys, and cats and dogs. Life suddenly feels full of life again. All good to you and your family from my small pack with special greetings from Bestia. ❤


      1. Good to hear from you again and that you are ok. So glad you do outings and enjoy them. I try. I try hard. I hope your man is well too. Is he working or are you in lock down? I read about new restrictions. Hope you can continue with your countryside trips! Much love.

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      2. He is still working, just now going to work with the company car instead of train. In Slovenia a 30-day pandemia has been declared yesterday with movement restrictions and curfew. Here in Italy nothing of the sort yet, just obligatory masks everywhere. Yes, try some more. Nature heals.


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