December 2019

We have reached the last month of the year, and as a gift here is a look at last year’s December in twenty images, to see what all I won’t be having this time around.











Flamingos and other birdspotting at the Orbetello lagoon. Present shopping in Orbetello. Strolling around Rome’s Monteverde district. Sea food Christmas dinner in Rome with amore’s family, after seven consecutive years. All cancelled. Not to mention not seeing my own family in faraway Slovenia.

But the highlight of my last December came just after Christmas when I had a chance to make sure in person that Flavia is just as cheerful, smiling, positive and happy individual as she comes across on her blog. After that first meeting we had so many more this year that one category on her blog is called Getaway with Manja, which always cheers me up to see.

I hope you keep finding little things like this to make you keep going, just like this Song of the Year says. This is what salvation can sound like: Cosmos ‘n Roses, as I call The Bengsons after their shirts. Don’t cry.

Let’s see my little big things, starting with the biggest:

  • The package of goodies from my sister! She suggested it herself after I mentioned that my favourite Slovenian coffee was running out. Plus chocolate, tea, No. 1 chicken sausage in Europe, gourmet pate, sour cherries in chocolate, and Propolis made by Slovenian bees. This soldier is super happy.
  • Some really good television, such as The Queen’s Gambit. It reminded me heavily of my card-playing times. I wasn’t quite as good but I did win seven (regional) tournaments in one month and a half once, against mostly men, many of them excellent chess players. Reactions were similar, condescension was similar, until it wasn’t. It made me miss those times a little. I can only thrash them online now. Oh well.
  • Some surprising reading, such as the autobiography of John Taylor, the bassist of Duran Duran, a huge crush many moons ago. If you were ever even just a little fan, give it a go. Or listen to him give a Planet Earth bass tutorial. After detox he ended up married in Los Angeles and in a band with Steve Jones from Sex Pistols, of all people.

And now, my last December with humidity, birds, presents, food, Christmas, Ostiense, street art and Flavia.

Before the year is done, I shall choose one photo from each month of 2019 and compile the ultimate Calendar 2019 as I do every year. Maybe one day I will even have it printed.

But in the meantime, keep going. It’s the least we can do, really.

Here are the previous 11 months of 2019:

And here are three previous Decembers for comparison:

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