Fifty-one years of love

Happy anniversary, dear parents! How good that you didn’t wait and got married just in time, or we wouldn’t be able to celebrate the grand 50 together as we did last year.











Some images from that celebration I posted in my November 2019 post but today I wish to relive several happy moments from this summer when I was lucky to spend a month and a half with you in Slovenia.

First we were in Piran on the coast and then we moved to Ljubljana for father’s birthday. The last four days in Slovenia we spent in Kranjska Gora under the Julian Alps and it was just glorious.

One year ago we had no way of knowing that the coming year would count manyfold in terms of getting along with your partner. It is completely different if you are forced to stay at home with them. In this, as in many other aspects, you two are my role-models. Carry on into hopefully less dramatic future.

Here are some glimpses into our summer. Going through these photos made me really happy. Who says I can’t go anywhere as long as I have them.

28 thoughts on “Fifty-one years of love

    1. Ohh, John, congratulations! I know how it feels, sort of, since this May I had a grand celebration planned for my 50th too but we had to do it online instead. I keep telling everybody that I refuse to hit 50 until I can celebrate it properly. 😀 Thank you for your kind wishes.

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