September 2019

Once doors from last September were conveniently dealt with in my previous post, here is the remainder of my favourite photos from one year ago for my Calendar series.












Most of these were taken on trips with my visitors from Slovenia, but it starts with what was my uncle’s new discovery, even though he is our guest about twice a year: Ichnusa, non-filtered, straight from Sardinia.

Next it’s the Geese of the Apocalypse, three at the time. Then it was down to one, now they are two again.

And then it continues with the trips to our beach, the nature reserve at Lake Burano, a new beach Cala del Gesso, Capalbio on the hill, Pitigliano, Sovana, and the wild spa at Saturnia where I returned ten days later to meet more Slovenians.

The last photo is the red balls of September that the opuncia cactus, or prickly pear, gives us at this time of year. Not edible anymore but fierce looking.

It’s pretty around here. Yesterday I was happy to meet Flavia again and even though you can’t have the promised waterfall without the water – it’s been just too dry – we had a great day in nature among the cyclamen, free climbers, trees too many to count, and a rustic eatery at 700 meters above the sea in the land of Sabina.

I got to use my walking sticks! After seven years everything comes handy. Greetings from your happy walker. The calcification therapy (ultra sound, electricity, laser) I did in the summer truly helped my painful feet.

But what is coming happened one year ago. Welcome to come along.

Here are the eight months of 2019 so far:

And here are three previous Septembers for comparison:

25 thoughts on “September 2019

  1. So many of these are stunning photos. How CLEVER to use the top of the car in the reflection photo. I need to remember that, in case I ever want to wipe out the foreground of something. The ducks silhouetted I clearly remember from the original post. That photo is remarkable, and hard to forget. Ah, so much warmth and loveliness in these photos. I do so yearn to go there. It almost seems like I can feel that these pics are from an earlier, easier version of the world before all the chaos of this year hit us. Oh hey, I am *so* glad to hear your feet are better.

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  2. Geese of the apocalypse! Haha. They look so intimidating. And that duck photo, wow. Like they’re drifting on a path of light. I feel a sense of wistful nostalgia when I look at these photos. One year ago, and we had no idea how the world would be today.

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