I’m a Gypsy

What a difference a day makes. A year can start in many different ways, one of which is with a publication! I thank Visual Verse for improving my year by 1000%.











Each month Visual Verse provides an image and you write whatever you wish in one hour (they trust you on that) as long as it totals between 50 and 500 words, and then they publish 100 or so selected pieces. You still have time to do it – they gather entries until 15th of the month.

And today I saw mine up there.

This month the image is of her and she spoke to me, or better I spoke to her.

Image by Charles Dana Gibson / British Library, Visual Verse, January 2020

What I wrote has to do with this image that I found years ago online, just as I say:

Adolf Müllner: Portrait einer Pfeife rauchenden Zigeunerin, 1901

Click and be transported to Visual Verse:

This is only my second publication of fiction ever, and second in Visual Verse (out of four times I submitted), with my real name and all. I look so authorly now. 😀

A little tiny hurraaaah. Maybe I need to do it more often.

To celebrate, here is an assortment of my photos that make me feel just as really good.

40 thoughts on “I’m a Gypsy

    1. Ah, Bojana, thanks so much, and for spreading the word about Visual Verse in the first place. I know you were published plenty of times there yourself and I’m always happy to see it. I didn’t submit for many months but this January and this picture were just right.

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      1. I’m so glad you did. I love their prompts, however weird. Besides, they are awesome people. The next journal you should try is Elephants never. Wonderful editor with a good sense of humor, which is rare. Wait till Feb when I’ll have sth published there to get an idea. There’s NO way any journal I follow would publish it. Ever. I love melancholic, but I love funny too and Andre respects it.

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