L-A: Calendar 2018

Tell you what: how about two calendars for the price of one? Especially since there is no price at all, except your attention which might be the most priced possession you could give me, and I thank you for it.















While real photographers are selling their 2020 calendars and normal bloggers are sharing their favourite 2019 photos, here are my 12+12 photos from 2018.

Why? No, I don’t see it as living in the past but rather as making space for the future.

Since every month I have a look back at the same month the year before, it’s bound to happen that at the end of the year I make a selection of one photo from each month and make my calendar for the previous year.

Except that I couldn’t choose only one photo and leave all the others behind crying. That’s why I give you first the primary calendar with the first picks, and then the secondary with those photos that cried the loudest. Take it away, 2018.

(ADD-IT: In the meantime I’ve realised that for the last Lens-Artists challenge for 2019 Patti was asking for our favourite photos of last year. I will link this post to her with a delay of one year. I hope this is okay.)

May was the hardest, my apology to the goats. And to the parrots and all the cats that only appear now, in the second calendar.

No matter how it’s more and more about living in the moment and celebrating each one as if a new year is starting because it is, my best wishes to all of you for the roaring twenties that start at midnight tomorrow. Roar away.


My Calendar 2018 posts:

My previous Calendars:

For Lens-Artists Photo Challenge, hosted by Patti at P. A. Moed: Favourite photos of 2019


22 thoughts on “L-A: Calendar 2018

  1. What a wonderful collection, Manja! I love what you say “making space for the future”! All the photos that this calendar has are so lovely and the captions couldn’t be more perfect…that margarita sunset, the birds on the wire and the new generation together despite their colors and the sailboat with that gorgeous sky are my absolute favorite. I would love to have such a beautiful and ‘filled with real moments’ calendar in my house! Happy New Year, Manja! May this year bring you more of everything that your heart desires:)

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  2. Let this turn of the year be one of confession and repentance for all the lost souls that edit out those poor power lines. They have feelings too, I get it now, will do my best 🙂

    Although I’m probably not up to a great start… looking at your superb November picture (on the first calendar, the one where nobody cried), I feel an urge to remove that pesky little critter from the top left corner… 🙂

    – Verne

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hihihhi, Verne, thanks for the chuckle. I swear that I have never noticed that poor half there fellow in the top left corner in need of removal. Not that I’d remove it if I have. Hm… Maybe I’d need to do a composite… 😀 😉 As for the lines, yes yes, you are a devil.

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