January 2020

Wow! It seems that 2020 just ended and here we go again with twenty photos from January for my Calendar 2020 series which begins with this post.










I’m a bit doubtful that I will find twenty worthy photos from the quarantine months that followed, but this was the start of the year and all seemed just fine.

I was realising that I had made my first Italian friend with whom I could actually go places because she is interested in the same things as I am, and we went on our first field trip, to a church in Viterbo, Villa Lante in Bagnaia and Vitorchiano. It was most excellent.

Other than that, I went to our beach once to witness a fiery sunset, and once to the nearby Lake Burano to observe floating sleeping ducks. One morning there was almost snow, the view from our roof was splendid as usual, we had neighbourhood bees, cats and dogs, and that’s about it as Januaries go. See for yourselves that I’m not lying.

Here are four previous Januaries, for comparison:

44 thoughts on “January 2020

      1. I really should do a walk around again shouldn’t I? The best thing is that it has been raining quite a bit so I haven’t been out and about. If it’s not raining the temperature is 35C+

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    1. Thank you, Martina, always good to see you around. I wanted to comment under your last post (“filane paprike” are a staple in Slovenian cuisine too) but your blog told me that I needed to sign in to do that even though I was signed in yet.

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      1. Yeah – cinnamon is pretty unique but it does add a lot of flavor to the meat 🙂. Saying that I’m not as big a meat eater as my husband but this dish is simple and tastes wonderful. Especially with a glass of wine 🍷☺️✨.

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