Thursday Doors, 10/12/20: Farnese 7.

We continue the door tour of Farnese from almost two months ago, the last getaway with my friend Flavia.











This is already my seventh Thursday Doors post from Farnese, a small town in Lazio. We continue from here and the end is not in sight yet.

Today we encounter an orange house – pretty or an eye sore, you be the judge – and a usual variety of doors and alleys.

I wish you a happy December and keep going, which as we discovered in my yesterday’s December 2019 post is the only thing we can do. And keep making it up as we go.

For Thursday Doors challenge hosted by Dan at No Facilities

31 thoughts on “Thursday Doors, 10/12/20: Farnese 7.

  1. There’s always so much to love here. The little door, the arched doors, the 60/40 split double doors, the stone arch in the alleyway (I know, it’s not a door, but I love it). The metal gates, grates, balconies and transoms – I love it all!

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  2. My attention was caught by the bright yellow house. But aside from that it’s the walls…such awesome texture of the walls. And it is funny how you follow Flavia and she doesn’t even know it.

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