December 2018

It’s the last month of the year and here are twenty images from last December to remember what was up, down and on.











I spent one week in Slovenia, a couple of weekends in Rome, including Christmas, and the rest back home in Tuscany. I can see how lucky I am to move between them and have so much sun and blue sky in December of all months.

This is it, my whole Calendar 2018 is posted – the first eight months on my previous blog, the last four on here. At the end of the year I shall have a look at all twelve months again and select one photo for each month that will officially represent it. I will present these twelve photos in a special celebratory post.

I learned yesterday from an inspired talk by Melanie Roche that you, yes, you who allow me to stay in touch with the human race, are what helps me stay alive. “They are not just hobbies, they are actually impacting your health.” This is my blog for me. To be listened to is a matter of life or death. (Thank you, Procrastination Coach Angela!)

Enjoy my December and thank you for your visit.

And since it’s the last month, and I won’t be seeing my family this year again except on Skype, allow me a little extra personal gallery. Can’t help it, we are just too cute.

Previous final Calendar posts:

37 thoughts on “December 2018

      1. I love to join you, Manja. I look through my file a couple of times. December and January are not pretty months of the year here, so I don’t normally go out and take photos, and don’t travel. I hope to join you later. 😊💗

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  1. Just wanted to say hi, I don’t think I had visited your new home yet (you move more often than a family of diplomats)!

    By the way, that combination of coppola, slippers, robe and booze is perfect for Christmas, I’ll be sure to follow. May replace the coppola by a barrete – the Portuguese variant – but the booze is not going anywhere.

    – Verne

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    1. Hihih, I might move a little, you’re right. It’s never too late, I’m glad you found my new home! I hope you’ll be able to have a look around and see what you’ve missed. I’m glad you like the holiday ensemble. It’s also his birthday so there… Cin cin! And good to have you here!

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  2. “To be listened to is a matter of life or death.” Your message at the top clings to me and resonates with me. Also, every single one of these photos is so delicious. For some reason I really love the one of the coral coloured building, the tram tracks, the Christmas ad on a post…I want to stand there. The inside of the Basilica is awe-inspiring and I believe in that!! Also, the photo of the berries and the strudel and Bestia is so well constructed. ❤

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    1. Thank you so much, Crystal. I’m glad to see that you’ve been hopping around my blog. I wish you could come over and we’d go around. And you’ll be happy to see that I’ve chosen the strudel photo to represent December in my annual calendar (see the last post).

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