May 2020

So strange. It says that this was a year ago but it feels, looks and smells like right now. It’s as if the time has stopped and I refuse to get a year older.









This is the post for my Calendar 2020 series, in which I post twenty photos from the same month last year.

May is my birthday month. It’s still a week or so away but this year I’m not feeling it at all. No wonder, since how can I be a year older when I haven’t even celebrated my 50th yet, except online with some of you? That was fun!

Anyway, nature doesn’t care one way or the other but just bursts open and brings forth and has a jolly good time. Let’s be more like that.

I could take most of these all over again and sometimes I have, but at other times there was a certain singularity making sure that it can’t happen again just like this. This is what I am after. Happy May! (Oh, beware: a harmless snake alert.)

Previous months of 2020:

May in previous years:


25 thoughts on “May 2020

  1. This was a fun read. And a great idea. I am curious now just to go see what I was doing last year. I do know I was recovering from surgery and my garden happily reseeded itself for me. Happy Birthday.

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    1. Thank you for coming over, Donna! I’ve been doing this for four years now, going back a year month by month, and it’s a good mind and soul exercise. I hope your recovery went well. Birthday next Sunday. 🙂 Thank you.

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  2. I do love grasses at this time of year, Manja. How can it only be a year since your birthday celebration? And yet it feels like forever ago! Isn’t time strange? I’m sure you’ll be feeling it more on the day itself, but 51 is a kind of anticlimax after 50, isn’t it? 🙂 🙂 And you’re such a youngster!

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