March 2020

It’s not that it’s not pretty – it is, very much – but it’s all there is, as then so now. Here is the first quarantine month from last year in twenty images, including one of the first poppy. It was born on March 20th.












Make no mistake, in this pandemic situation I’m much rather here in the middle of rural Tuscany than in any city. It’s healthy. It’s just that movement is one of the meanings of life. The point is in the change, of what you see, who you talk to, what you smell, hear, taste. Without all this, it’s a bit like being trapped.

I dreaded to look at this first pandemic month in my photos but I found enough cheerfulness to convince me that I just cannot but see and feel joy.

No matter how it’s been a year and all I can do is take this same kind of photos all over again. This is what I can see and all that I see: dog, donkey, insects, birds, blooms, greens, this gate and that, clouds, the moon, the food, amore.

I know. There are people who dream of exactly what I’m having. I wish I could beam you all up here so that we could walk bestia together.

But now, let’s rejoice. Somewhere the first poppy is waiting to be born.

Previous months of 2020:

March in previous years:

32 thoughts on “March 2020

  1. Manja, I can see there is still joy! The same things all over again…but I cannot complain either. We live in our little garden in our little village and walk the dog three times a day. I agree with you – I am surprised when i look at the photos from last year. There was beauty too. Wishing you a soft and beautiful weekend. Spring is on its way, but very slowly…

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    1. Thanks, scooj. Haha, not yet. A bit later I actually wore a mask on my dog walks since a police car was passing to see if everybody obeyed. Nowadays I have it in my pocket, if the police stops me (it hasn’t yet). There is barely anybody else around.

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      1. I’m doing fine – thanks, Manja! Ups and downs, like much of the last year. Happy to have a granddaughter to go and visit in the mountains (that’s two plusses!), and I have been very busy training for more athletic fun and also trying to finish a novel I started years ago. I guess that’s a lot!

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    1. Ah, you’re most welcome, Frank. I do this every month, have a look at the same month of the previous year. I was worried what I would find this time because of the quarantine and yet much joy was evident. 🙂


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