Thursday Doors, 17/9/20: September 2019

Today’s doors were captured for the joy of you and me around here in Maremma over the course of three days last September.










As I was putting together my upcoming regular monthly calendar post in which I look back at the same month of the previous year, I noticed the abundance of doors, unsurprisingly. You have seen most of them already last year but they claim that they deserve a Thursday Doors post of their own.

Last September we had friends visiting who hadn’t been here before, so we took them to the regular spots: Capalbio on the hill, Italian little Jerusalem – Pitigliano – with its wow effect, and Sovana with its one but pretty and door-filled street.

We also went down to a new beach Cala del Gesso and the first door in the gallery is from there. I wouldn’t mind calling this place my own.

There are two door-modelling cats, a donkey statue, tiny Tuscan doors on sale for 15 Eur each (why haven’t I bought one yet?), and my friend who, as you will see, is a natural born door model.

I hope you are well. I’m a little meh, watching sports like some single guy. How about those two Slovenian Tour de France leaders making me watch cycling of all things? And the Slovenian Dragon leading his Miami Heat to 2:0 in the NBA East Conference final against Boston Celtics?

But tomorrow hopefully a new waterfall with Flavia and la vita e’ bella a bit longer.

And now, I present you Tili and the Doors on the Love Streets of my Maremma. If you’re on a big screen, don’t forget to click on any photo to view them in a colourful gallery.

For Norm Frampton’s Thursday Doors challenge

23 thoughts on “Thursday Doors, 17/9/20: September 2019

  1. A lovely parade of doors. It almost looks like someone is hanging out of a window in the “lived in” photo! But then a careful look corrects that. I didn’t know there was a Slovenian Dragon on the NBA Heat team. Even though I am a Celtics fan, I like watching the Heat since I know the dad of one of the players. We’ll see how it goes 🙂

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    1. Thank you, Andrea. Ahh, you do? Will you reveal whose Dad it is? 🙂 Yes, Goran Dragić is Slovenian, the best scorer for the Heat in the first two games, but not last night. When they lost. He was born and raised in Ljubljana, the city of dragons, just like I.

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      1. You’re welcome! Yes, last night was better for the Celtics. Thanks for explaining the dragon reference. He is quite the shooter!
        I know Duncan Robinson’s dad. Duncan grew up in NH, where I live – so he is somewhat of a celebrity (although I have never met him personally).

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  2. In order of love: The lived in scene (why is laundry so charming in Europe?), the look down pic because I’d so enjoy a cappuccino sitting at that table, and the Capalbio light because it looks like the Godess is visiting.

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      1. A story about how the inter-blog world influences creativity. After I posted that comment I wrote a poem about the laundry in Evora, Portugal. I wouldn’t have done that if I hadn’t seen you picture. So, thank you!

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  3. Yes indeed, more than a few of these look familiar and seeing them again is always an enjoyable experience. The ceramic Tuscan doors for 15 Euros is enticing. Cute door-on-a-leash doorfie too 🙂

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