Our Saturday

Yes, this Saturday Flavia and I had our new runaway, or getaway, or we-did-it-our-way, and here are some glimpses.











I just love it how we go about it: decide just a day before, select possible destinations, choose the meeting spot carefully. Our idea was to run from the heat to the nature, possibly woods. Trees were not that many, so instead we were lake-hopping, animal-watching and gelatoing – which should be a verb – in Lazio. Here is Flavia’s post from one of the lakes.

But first we had a look at a new town Sutri which has an amphitheatre where we met. I may have been a bit late since I just had to stop by a quaint church that I met on the way. And as we said goodbye and were on our ways in separate cars, a certain ruin called me from the road, and now I cannot find it on any map. I could have been dreaming but I have a photo.

And the next day it was playoff basketball Sunday and the legend was born: Luka Dončić brought his team, Dallas Mavericks, from -21 points deficit via overtime to victory with a step-back three-pointer in the last breath of the game. He is 21. Now they are even with L.A. Clippers, two victories each, and in a few hours a new game begins. I’m really curious how you go on from something like this.

As for Flavia and me it’s easier: we win in every case, every time. We just need to go.

15 thoughts on “Our Saturday

  1. My dear it’s always amazing to do our getaways and then read about them. Palso this time, reading you, I kept in saying, I was there, I was there… Almost to convince me! Because somehow things look different when you see with somebody else’s eyes.
    You took a shot from the lake that is really impressive and I also loved the Chinese goose one. By the way, is it really Chinese? How amazing! It’s been a crazy day, one of ours. Meeting somewhere and ending up somewhere else, taking pictures, laughing, getting lost, eating and gelatoing… I totally agree, it should be dignified with a verb in the whole Italian península 🤣

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    1. Thank you, Flavia! Hihi yes, we will invent a new verb! 😀 I refused to get properly lost, we will do it when it’s not so hot, ok? I’m wondering now why we didn’t go to see Bracciano the town. For sure it’s lovely too. Yes, I had a look at the types of geese online and the swan goose seems the most similar. I have a similar feeling when I look at your photos from our trips. 🙂 It’s good this way. We create two parallel realities.

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    1. That’s the right impulse, Joey, thanks. Also, I’m glad I got to read your August post today. So many things resonate. I’ve got so many photos from my two weeks in Slovenia and so little wish to show them. Avoidance of expression. Suppression. Oh yes.


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