CFFC: Flowers for Cee

After a while I’m again hopping on Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge. I have plenty of flower photos to share and with Cee flowers are never far away.










When I finished selecting June photos for my 2020 Calendar series, for which I post twenty photos from the same month last year, I had 170 photos gathered. Only one day in all last June passed in which I didn’t take a single photo. Imagine that.

The first part of it I spent here in my home in Tuscany and then my sister came to pick me up and take me to Slovenia. I really hope for something similar to happen this year.

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge on the topic of flowers comes just in time. In this way I can use 22 of my June 2020 photos neatly gathered in this post. And there are some flowery memories in my blogging history at the end too.

All my flower photos happen by chance, I never premeditate it. But I pass and they are pretty – what else can I do?

Roughly the first part of the gallery is from southern Tuscany where I live, and the second is from Piran on the Slovenian coast in my mother country where I spent the first two weeks upon arrival with only my parents around. You know, quarantine.

And the flowers? The flowers are different but happy no matter where I go. And now off to a new Giardino, just that there art is growing in place of flowers.

For Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Flowers


This day in my blogging history


34 thoughts on “CFFC: Flowers for Cee

    1. Thanks, Bushboy. This is a test. Let’s see if I can post here a single photo from my FB. This was 3 days ago.

      Yeah!! After some trials and errors it works!! See below. But it’s not from FB, I uploaded the photo to WordPress Media and then copied it here.

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      1. Ah, that one. We caught some virus along the way, don’t ask.
        As for my mom, I fear the worst and want to keep my faith, regardless. It’s incredible how your life turns upside down in a second. It’s fucking hard. I still need my mom.


  1. These are all such beautiful photos, but especially the sunflowers! Oh, and those snails…… I have seen one or two on our sidewalks, but not near the number of them you have. For that I am thankful.

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    1. Thank you, Elizabeth. This year the snails are especially bountiful. Did you also see the photo in the comments? That one is from this year. Sunflowers were a surprise. I thought it was too dark to take photos.


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