Pic and a Word #272: Freed

Long time, no poem and no Pic and a Word challenge. Recently my blogging activity has picked up and here I am saying hi to Patrick Jennings and his challenge again after almost exactly a year. He called freed as this week’s theme, probably because he has just bought his first motorcycle.











What if our life is
like ten minutes
in the life of the baby gecko
which I caught 
where it shouldn’t be roaming,
in the corner of our bathroom?

Our life is a trap 
and the atmosphere
is the glass over us.

The glass may be chipped,
or fancy Venetian.

It may be crystal for some.
It may turn out to be plastic.

It is observed
how helplessly we look around,
trying to make sense of things.

Probably photos are taken.

Some of us are examined 
by sadists,
studied what happens 
when we break.

When our function is fulfilled,
the lucky ones
are released
on a nearby leaf.


It merely feels like dying.

This time I have physical evidence. The photo shoot really didn’t last longer than ten minutes.

In response to Patrick Jennings’ Pic and a Word Challenge #272: Freed

This day in my blogging history


17 thoughts on “Pic and a Word #272: Freed

  1. Count me among the sadists, as I gaze upon the trapped gecko. I like your poem and the way you ask a question to help us change perspective. I think getting a motorcycle is an excellent time to think of freedom.

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    1. No no no no, Crystal. I make a clear distinction. I gazed too. We are not it. And I like to change perspectives, it’s healthy, I think. Thank you for reading. I have never driven anything like a motorcycle. Not even a vespa. I was behind on many on Greek islands, once even on an enduro, and it was rather wild.

      Liked by 1 person

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