June 2020

Before I run out of June, here are twenty glimpses from last year’s for my Calendar series. Half of it was spent in Tuscany, half in Piran in Slovenia. Best of both worlds.










It seems that this year I won’t be going to Slovenia before July, but last year I did. In the middle of June my sister and friend came to pick me up and drove me there after spending some days in Tuscany together. For the second half of June 2020 I moved to Piran on the Slovenian coast, just right for the quarantine to pass. It was so good to be with my parents again.

I already did one post with only photos from last June but they were all flowers.

My Calendar 2020 is the fifth Calendar series on my blog. Every month I look back a year and select twenty most representative or favourite images from the same month of the previous year. I learn a lot this way, I notice plenty, I see changes and differences, I process. Then I can move on.

Let me do away with last June then. It starts yellow, goes green and blue, and ends up with a drunken cat (noo!) and the Piran golden hour. It will be hot but there are some refreshments on the way. Welcome!

Previous months of 2020:

June in previous years:

This day in my blogging history


34 thoughts on “June 2020

    1. Thank you, Sunny. This is a collection of various locations, some more heavenly than others. The dish is a roulade made of eggs and spinach, filled with stracchino (soft cheese) and speck (the link leads to the recipe but it’s only in Italian).

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  1. That you return to past blogs and revisit your photos is such a great idea Manja. I imagine you see ‘new’ things as you travel back to your posts. I feel as though I’ve taken a mini vacay strolling through your words and photos. Happy Friday to you!

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    1. Thank you kindly, Denny! I’m really glad that you like this idea. And that you see my blog as a mini vacation. 🙂 Most splendid! I think this is why we do what we do – search respite and beauty where we can find it. Always welcome!

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  2. These photos are wonderful, but I just saw another batch of your photos that touched me so deeply and now I cannot find them. I think they were called “my 20 favorite photos” and you had the most wonderful photos of your family and you. I want to look at them again. I cannot figure WordPress out. Can I email you?

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    1. Oh Carol, you are like a good fairy, coming and going on my blog, always bringing a warm wind with you. 🙂 Good to see you again! You can always email me for whatever reason you wish! And I’m glad that you memorised the post you mention and found it again. 🙂 Thank you most kindly!


  3. I absolutely love your photographs Manja. What a perfect place to be stuck in during the lockdown. The photograph of the fountain you and your mom discovered is gorgeous. Your pictures make me dream of travelling again. I like the idea of posting ‘this day in History’ and ‘the month in previous years.’ Its a good way to remember and be grateful for the journey I think. Thanks Manja for another wow post!

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    1. Thank you kindly, Smitha. Yes I think so too, that it’s healthy and makes space for new memories. The fountain is by the main road opposite the sea, no discovery needed. 🙂 The only photo from the newly-discovered path is the one with the nice view of the port from above. I’m glad to hear that this makes you wish to travel again. We need this feeling. Always welcome!

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