Friendly Friday pink or purple?

Pink. Purple. Magenta. Fuchsia. Violet. Lilac. Most of these you will find in my pictures, but I’m sure there are more, hues and words for them.








It’s been a while since I wore any pink. I used to own a wonderful pastel set – even though the top and the pants were bought in different shops and countries – with prevalent pink. I must have looked like a candy, hitch-hiking along the Adriatic coast.

I still wear purple. Actually, Prince wore purple, in Slovenian we call it “vijolična” or violet. One time I came to a card tournament in a new dress. I could hear a gasp. Then one of the rare women attending blew steam through her nose and said: “Ah… the sales! Violet is in this year.”

I loved the film Pretty in Pink.

And I loved it how a friend mixed red with oranges and pinks in her wardrobe.

I love it how the blues and the pinks fight at the sunset, or is it that they dance?

I hate it how pink is supposed to denote a girl and blue a boy, unless Italians hang a pink or blue ribbon on their front door when there is a birth in the family.

My last bedroom in Slovenia was pink. It happened because my ex and I played handypeople. We bought a little yellow bottle, a little red bottle, a little blue bottle, and a lot of white paint. The first room was a lovely light blue. Then some of it remained. By adding some red and a lot of yellow we managed to transform it into a rather ugly mustard for the kitchen. Then I wanted orange for the bedroom, and we mixed and mixed, but it turned out pink and wouldn’t budge. I survived by imagining I was in Mexico.

Oh yes, there are all sorts of words for and tones of these two colours, and they come with all sorts of meanings and connotations, but if you ask me, my favourite colour is green. I don’t remember when it became it, but I know that when I was drawing as a child, I was always desperate because I only had one light green and one dark green pencil.

Green, which goes with pink so well, as they are complementary.

Amanda is asking us about our relationship with the colour pink for this week’s Friendly Friday.

Here is an extensive gallery of plants, people, buildings and the sky from Slovenia and Italy modelling the colour pink and its relatives. In one case the models are animals and they are the least pink of all. Enjoy!

For Friendly Friday Photo Challenge hosted by Amanda from Something to Ponder About: The colour pink

25 thoughts on “Friendly Friday pink or purple?

    1. Gladly, Sandy. This is the only instance of it that I’ve seen at a nearby monastery, but if you google Infiorata Pitigliano you will see how amazing it gets. It takes place every year in June for the Christian holiday The Feast of Corpus Christi when marvellous flower carpets are laid. It’s a movable feast and this year it falls on this Thursday (I only see this now!). This year it will be celebrated in limited amount and without audiences.

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      1. Wow, That’s amazing. I did not know that this was done in Italy. I’d heard of it before in India – Rangoli – but not Europe. How wonderful this must be to see in person.

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    1. Thank you so much, Bojana! The flower on the Slovenian square? You mean in the photo from the centre of Ljubljana? It certainly looks familiar, but I’m lousy with names as well. 😀 I googled “pink flowers” right now but the right one didn’t catch my eye.

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  1. What a range of pinks you have showcased! Your experiment with paint reminds me of a laundry I wanted a light minty lime green. We ended up with a fluoro green laundry for years before the Moth would repaint it.

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    1. Thank you, Ishita. It was one of the 80’s movies with Molly Ringwald that I saw at just the right time when growing up. Oh yes, we are well and soon I’ll be going to Slovenia for the summer. I hope they will let me in. And then out again.

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  2. Hi Manja, I am a friend of Amanda’s and am doing an interview post about Friendly Friday. Your name came up, and with your permission, I’d love to include a link of this post to your name. I love your takes on pink. Your rose picture is my favorite.

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