CFFC: My green post

Green is my favourite colour. Let the greens from mostly Tuscany and Slovenia jump at you twenty-five times.












I was so happy to see that Cee had chosen my last week’s Flowers post to be featured in her CFFC: Green Foliage post this week. And I was even happier to see her green photos and got to choose mine.

Green is my favourite colour and without it nothing would be the same. It’s June and lower Tuscany is already in its yellow phase by now, so it felt even better to go through my photos from last and this year to see which greens would jump out. There were too many, of course, so the best I could do was cut them down to the following neat 25.

They are in chronological order by month, starting with January 2020 and ending with May 2021 when I visited the three Tuscan gardens on the open-door day, but not every month is represented.

In the middle of the post there is the Slovenian section with nine photos, taken between June and August last year, the rest are from Tuscany and a few from Lazio. The summers are much greener over there than over here, but Tuscany is evergreen in winter. Let’s start with some January moss.

For Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Green foliage


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