Thursday Doors 6/5/21: Tarquinia 3.

It’s as if I shouldn’t take any new door photos until I use all the unposted ones. This is a debt from the autumn, the remaining Tarquinia doors as observed in September 2020 together with Flavia and my uncle, my last visitor.









Better said, this is the first half of the remaining Tarquinia doors, the other half will come next Thursday.

We were here, in this city on the coast of Lazio between me and Rome, on two last year’s Thursdays already: First we had a cappuccino and cornetto and walked to Porta di Castello where we were supposed to meet Flavia but no cars were allowed there, and in the second post we enjoyed the view from the Belvedere and strolled to the St. Mary in the Castle church.

We already got hungry and thirsty in the previous post but won’t be getting any sustenance until next week. Luckily today’s doors were shot in just six minutes, and during this time I didn’t take any other photos. So you can see how fully occupied I am by doors. But truth be told, they were everywhere. Welcome to stroll along.

And if you are inspired by any of these (or previous, or other people’s) doors, do write about it for the first Thursday Doors writing challenge by the end of the month.

Happy May to you!

Forย Thursday Doors challenge hosted by Dan at No Facilities

46 thoughts on “Thursday Doors 6/5/21: Tarquinia 3.

  1. Wow, Manja. Your leftover doors are stunning! Mine are, meh by comparison. There are so many wonderful wooden doors here. I can’t pick a favorite, but I do love looking at them.

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    1. I’m glad that you like them, Dan. They are not so much leftovers but a completely forgotten bunch. Somehow I thought that I had finished with Tarquinia doors already. And then there is Santa Severa and its castle from the same day that I also haven’t posted yet… My doors are neverending. Thank you!

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  2. That last one, a ghost door, window, arch all in one. If I could write, I would write about it. What an interesting photo. And a great walkthrough, as always.

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  3. To me…the door with the plants on the stairs looks like an invitation. Not sure if I was curios about what was behind the door, or if I would be happy just sitting on the steps. Probably sitting and watching the day go by.

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    1. Ha, I have, haven’t I, Equinoxio? I wonder if I’d be as door-happy somewhere else. But yes, France comes to mind. Only once I was travelling around France other than Paris, in 1991. Cote d’Azure, Lyon, the Loire castles, then Paris, and home via Strasbourg. I had two film rolls with me to fill. I remember saving the last two shots for Versailles and Fontainebleau. ๐Ÿ˜€ Character-building!

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  4. You have some wonderful doors in Tarquinia. Looking at your photos I realised we visited Tarquinia whilst on a Mediterranean cruise. We stopped at Citavecchia and instead of a trip to Rome where we would have spent more time travelling than seeing the city, we caught the train to Tarquinia on the recommendation of a steward. It was a beautiful interesting place and we met up with an American couple and enjoyed a meal in a friendly restaurant just of the main street.

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  5. A fantastic collection of different kinds of doors Manja. The old and worn often have a special charm and a hidden history. I have a special passion for wooden doors, they are often very nice ๐Ÿ˜Š

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