Thursday Doors, 11/3/21: Viterbo 7.

Here we are, at the end of Viterbo and its doors as spotted on the Last Carefree Day, February 22nd 2020. After that a new era began. And the end is not in sight.











It was nearing six pm, I was a little doored out by then, my feet were really hurting, but the doors kept coming at me and who am I to say no?

In a parallel street the carnival with its loud and rather obnoxious music coming off the floats was in action but Flavia and I chose to keep to ourselves and our doors, for me, and windows, for her, as if we knew that in a week or so social distancing would become the new normal. We reached our cars and drove in opposite directions without knowing that we would only meet again in three months. In a mask.

The street we chose was in the shade but doors were coming left and right, reminding us that this was an old town and there was not much they hadn’t seen.

As usually, doors vary in riches, anarchy and state of preparedness for the end of the world. Welcome!

For Thursday Doors challenge hosted by Dan at No Facilities


42 thoughts on “Thursday Doors, 11/3/21: Viterbo 7.

    1. I was pretty sure you were correct, Lois, but I had to look it up. It’s an “Oculus” (Latin for eye) but has been mispronounced over time to the point that some now all it and “Ox-eye” window.

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  1. These are wonderful doors, Manja! There are so many lovely ones. The thing that amazes me is where one building extended a room over the arch between two buildings. I can’t imagine anything like that ever happening here, even in the early days of our history. So many great wooden doors, ironwork and stone entrances. I think I would lose myself walking around here. Thanks for bringing so many wonderful doors for us to study.

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    1. Oh Dan, you’d lose yourself in Italy for sure and would find it hard get out. The doors here would kidnap you. Ask Norm. 😉 Oh, please, can you explain a bit more what you mean by extending a room over the arch? In which photo did you see that? Thanks for looking carefully, always.

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      1. There’s a photo looking down a street/alley. There are several stone arches connecting the building on each side. One of the arches appears to have a room built on the left half – above the alley.

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  2. So happy to have found you again. I guess I missed the last move to this new blog. Lovely doors and we heard that Italy was going back to code red. Fingers crossed, my husband and I are hoping to get our vaccine shots in April. We can’t wait to get back to Italy. Maybe in 2022.

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    1. Oh, Carol, great to see you here! This blog is slowly filling up already, I’ve had it since August 2019! But better late than never. 🙂 The past year I’ve been posting doors on Thursdays and not much else. Just not in the mood… True, most of Italy is turning red tomorrow, including Rome, but it seems Tuscany stays orange. Not much difference. I must not leave my tiny municipality but at least I can stroll around within it. I do hope you can come over. Italy needs you and you need Italy. 🙂

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