Thursday Doors, 14/1/21: Farnese, 9.

I know, last week I said that today we end this door series but it was a lie. There will be ten parts. Today we stroll in the sun.











This was one beautiful October day in a beautiful town in Lazio called Farnese less than an hour from me, and yet I was there for the first time.

You were able to follow Flavia (here is her post on Farnese cats from this day) and me around town on eight Thursdays. The last part of our visit was spent in the sun by ourselves among doors – for me – and windows – for her – and it was most excellent. See it for yourselves.

In the meantime, on Monday Tuscany was declared the only low-risk zone in Italy. I read about it by chance in an obscure article in English. When amore confirmed the news and I got visibly overjoyed, he asked, again: “But where do you wish to go?” As if everything I could ever wish were right here. I started to enumerate: Val d’Orcia, Punta Ala, Santa Fiora…

But I suppose he is right, we all need to start thinking his way.

For now I went to the lagoon with flamingos in the distance and the big supermarket. A pretty duck got so loud when it saw bestia that I turned around and let it be in peace. After I clicked a few times. Coming up one of these days.

But now, Farnese in the sun with blue sky, scenic clouds and pastel houses. And doors – they are always here somewhere, passing us by.

For Thursday Doors challenge hosted by Dan at No Facilities

23 thoughts on “Thursday Doors, 14/1/21: Farnese, 9.

  1. It’s funny to see the significant differences between those side-by-side doors at 3 & 4.

    I really like the shutters in their various states of open.

    The first balcony might be the best in the bunch.

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