The last carefree day

Here it is: the full year circle has passed since the innocence was lost. I spent the last day the best way I could, on a daytrip with my friend Flavia. Doors from this day are already on display on Thursdays, and here are some other glimpses from February 22nd 2020.










When I parked and saw that Flavia was there already, I got out of the car and we burst into a fit of laughter. The day went on in this manner: everything was funny, poignant, special. The general feeling was as follows: all the things that we were able to do – pinpoint a meeting-place in the middle of almost nowhere, and then follow windows and doors of Viterbo to where they took us, and then proclaim a roofless structure the perfect location for a bloggers’ meet-up – were decadent, transient, luxuries.

We even set the date for the meet-up: April 24th 2021.


Okay, okay, we will make it virtual.

Until then welcome to join us in this way. The first barely-there town is Montecalvello and then we continue to Viterbo, both in the province of Lazio northwest of Rome.

When I came home I learned that the Carnival of Venice had been cancelled, and the strangest year could begin.

25 thoughts on “The last carefree day

  1. A year already, Manja! So long, and yet where did it go? Your images of the trip are wonderful. I remember we just made it to Marvao in the north of Portugal before the doors all slammed shut. And so they have stayed 😦 😦

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