Thursday Doors, 25/2/21: Viterbo 5.

The door tour of Viterbo, which is one year old by now, continues with some old, weary doors that have seen plenty but are not telling.











What has happened here since last Thursday? Three days ago was the anniversary of the Last Carefree Day, from which are also today’s photos, and that required a special post. And yesterday I posted some photo proof of how spring is being unleashed upon us with the countdown of trees in bloom.

Today it’s the door day again and we are in the last hour of our Viterbo visit. I’m quite tired by now and my feet are hurting, but the town has no intention of ending nor does it manage or even attempt to hide its doors from me. They may be old and have seen times come and go, but they are still here and see if they are going anywhere any time soon.

The establishments and properties vary in name, size, dustbin placement and intent, and end in a surprising discovery. And we have coffee at some point as well. Welcome.

For Thursday Doors challenge hosted by Dan at No Facilities

40 thoughts on “Thursday Doors, 25/2/21: Viterbo 5.

  1. These are wonderful doors, Manja. I liked your caption about clothing like the door color. Some of my favorite tee-shirts are close to that color. I agree about the dustbin – that should not be allowed, or we should be allowed to move them without fear. I do appreciate the small loader, but they shouldn’t have parked it in front of the door! The door in a door…is very bad for the structure of the door., but an interesting look.

    By the way, I still keep getting bounced around if I try typing this comment on you blog. I’m using Notepad and pasting it in.

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  2. Gorgeous collection! Love so many blues in this group.
    Imagine being a dustbin in such a beautiful place — the views are stunning, but there you are, just a dustbin, people judging you like that 😉

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  3. I noticed that above the green door is a concrete frame but above the concrete is an arch. I wonder what this doorway looked like originally. Your comments are so entertaining! I am drawn to the doors that are worn, and I think you like them too. This is a lovely collection from your Last Carefree Day. ❤

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