Thursday Doors, 18/2/21: Viterbo 4.

We have reached the Square of the Plebiscit with a couple of important buildings with important-looking doors. Viterbo Municipality has a lovely courtyard with a fountain, guarded by a magnificent set of green doors. I think it was those and the light that made these 20 minutes the highlight of our visit.











Suddenly, around a corner, the never-ending Viterbo opened up with Piazza del Plebiscito which hosts the pinkish Prefettura di Viterbo and the yellowish Viterbo Municipality.

You can freely pass under the arch of the latter and enter its courtyard with the Fontana di Palazzo dei Priori in pretty light with the pretty view. The arch is (not really) guarded by the set of (open) deep green doors which I already showed you last April when I wrote my door poem that made me the featured participant of NaPoWriMo (National Poetry Writing Month) for a day.

When we were done with this square it was almost 5 pm, but Viterbo gave us one more door-rich hour as you will see in the coming Thursdays.

As for now and here, Tuscany went back to orange this Monday, which means that I’m not to leave my municipality again. Frankly, the weather and hurting feet do not really lure me anywhere.

We had been promised snow for Valentine’s but it was only really cold so that I had to search for my gloves which I haven’t used in Italy for several winters.

Nothing compared to snow and -10 degrees C in Texas. So sorry for all who are suffering.

And now, here is last February and the last pre-K daytrip. Make sure you also catch the two photos under the gallery, which my sister sent me just earlier.

And finally, a photo from today that goes well with those above. My sister sent it to me from her day trip to Kostanjevica upon the Krka river in Slovenia, where our great-grandmother worked as a cook. “Just for you,” she writes, “Jesus door”. Thanks, sis, it’s wonderful. Could be just as well somewhere in Italy.

Photo: Klu

As I was getting ready to post, she sends one more, of this house from the road. ❤ Just what would catch my eye too.

Photo: Klu

For Thursday Doors challenge hosted by Dan at No Facilities

43 thoughts on “Thursday Doors, 18/2/21: Viterbo 4.

  1. Your sister has a great eye for doors, as, of course does her sister. I am curious about the mix of horizontal, curved and angled pediments over the palace windows. I wonder if there’s some special meaning to them? The doors, as yours so often are, are amazing. So large and sturdy looking. Doorways big enough to park a car in (although you should be able to make that driver move). The glass and meta door to the courtyard is very nice.

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    1. Thank you, Dan, from both of us. 🙂 Pediment is a new word for me. I had another look at my photos and I think I know what you mean, but I have no explanation for them. I’m happy to report that as we exited the courtyard, the car was gone and I could take some photos of the building (but now I see that I haven’t included any carless ones in this post).


  2. So many beautiful doors, Manja! Yes, I love the greenish door with the lion too, as well as the lion fountain. Since was in Tuscany once, it’s had to imagine it could get so cold that you need gloves on! Finally things are settled after our move.
    Cannot remember if I ever thanked you when you sent me an email with the Doors -mats:) It was a crazy time, hurrying to move to Texas, so I may not have gotten back to you, but I just wanted you to know that your email was a refreshing surprise in a crazily hurried time -thank you so much!
    At that time we were in a vacation-cabin where my hubby built a new deck for it. Officially we had no wifi, but sometimes we would receive it anyway with the Ipad . Jesh

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      1. Manja, in August we moved to Texas.and thought I will miss the snow. Someone in the sky must have heard it, haha! Am happy to report the suffering is over! Didn’t know I was such a wimp in dealing without heat, lol! Thanks for your visit – so it’s not cold in Italy?

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  3. A fabulous collection as usual! It’s been cold in Italy, too?! It’s so strange because Texas, etc have been colder than northern Michigan. They are getting our usual winter right now. Stay warm, dear Manja.

    Liked by 1 person

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