Spring: Unleashed

I’ve been counting trees in bloom for the last five days or so and it’s time to show them. Here in lower Tuscany spring is officially under way.












Today’s post is dedicated to Duša, mom’s cousin who celebrates today. I had a walk today with her in mind and everybody who yearns for spring and might live in places where there is no hint of it yet. For all of you, good news: spring is unlocked and running!

There is nothing quite as uplifting as seeing new growth and new blossoms, except when a faraway friend writes to you saying she is coming over in August. That’s the spirit! Never mind that the best times for a visit begin now, as soon summers will no longer be survivable. Here’s to the future!

I’m happy that I took some photos again. Only today, at the end of February, I created my “2021” photo folder, imagine that. I bet spring will make me start taking my camera on my walks again, and this is a good thing.

All these photos were taken in the last four days. Find little things and let them cheer you up. All well.

39 thoughts on “Spring: Unleashed

    1. Right, scooj, I know what you mean. I was surprised to see oranges rot under their trees in Rome too. Apparently they are not sweet like in Sicily. It’s still not hot enough around here for the citruses to be of much use. Lemons don’t need to be sweet though…

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  1. Oh, how cheering are those photos and I totally agree about the ‘little things” … maybe something we learned (are learning?) from Lockdowns … so much secret beauty around to get joy from. Thanks for a good start to my day! Tam xx

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    1. Yeah, Tamsen, I’m glad it gives a good start and a little push for the better. This is what I’m striving to do with my blog but sometimes find it hard. The lockdown surely gives good lessons but the line is thin for me. It there are too many lessons, I start to rebel. Happy to see you here.

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  2. Our Spring has been delayed, but that’s ok because some years are like that. I personally think February is generously early for Spring, so if it’s a few weeks late, I accept that gracefully. But it’s coming! I went out to my camellias the other day and found some buds. They are hard and green, but they mean flowers. My daffodils are up, and I found one bud before the snow. The snow pushed it down but maybe things will get charged up again. My irises are outside my office window and some are 3″ high, all hopeful for the new season. Does the mimosa bloom in the winter? I would enjoy those yellow bursts in the dark days.

    So I wrote Liz a few minutes ago and told her my optimism got the better of me. Actually, I find it invigorating to indulge my fantasies. In this case, the fantasy of overseas travel. I already bought the plane tickets! Yes! ha ha. I used frequent flier miles, so no expense to speak of, and I can change them as needed. The future is so unknown, but I couldn’t see the harm in it. And the benefits are obvious. I’ve been all giggly. On the airline website there are bold WARNING WARNING signs about all the things travelers need to keep in mind due to COVID-19, and I just ignored it all for now. In six months who knows what the world will look like? It’s possible we’ll have to cancel entirely. In the meantime, let’s fantasize about the hot summer. I’m sorry about the date, it’s what we had to work with. But we WILL figure something out when we visit you. A roadtrip with lots of air conditioning, or even if you can’t get out with us every day, it will be fun to see two silly, sweating, friends drag in and say hi and bubble to you about a day’s adventure.

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  3. Thank you for sharing the beauty of your spring. It’s not spring here, but there is the change in the air, and a warmer weekend than we’ve seen in many months. I’ll be outside today, cleaning up the winter’s muck so the yard will look prettier when spring does come 🙂

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    1. Thank you, Monica, and welcome to my blog! Your comment went to spam but I saved it. The funny thing about the frosty mirror is that it’s not frost at all, but rather damaged material. 😀 It looks the same even when it’s hot. I’m glad it makes it look surreal.


  4. Spring has sprung in Tuscany and are we glad for it! Amazing pictures. Glad to see that you notice even the green grass underfoot that most of us take for granted, and grab a picture of that. The lovely white flowers with the pink cores look simply unbelievable. Do they bear any fragrance? Do tell.


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