Thursday Doors, 22/10/20: Introduction to Farnese

I’m extra glad to be able to share with you the beginning of my wonderful past Sunday. No special doors as such but rather a town as the whole as first encountered. And it only went up from here.









Farnese, said Flavia. We meet there and later her friend who lives in the area should join us and take us to a real farm. So it happened, plus an unexpected waterfall in between.

Do have a peak at the farm through Flavia’s camera on her blog. But this was later. Today I give you my first hour in Farnese before Flavia arrived. Usually she comes before me and befriends local cats, but this time it was opposite due to some maintenance problems at her toll station.

I had a brief stroll around, the cats looked at me with apprehension, just how I look at them, and then I settled in the sun in front of the bar in the main square by the aqueduct that somehow still stands in the middle of the town.

This was far from all. Later we discovered the old town proper with several most excellent doors and two restaurants. No luck this time, though. We almost ran away without paying, it was so bad. The first time in seven years since I’m in Italy.

And yet, I call it luxury, now more than ever: to pick a town, arrive, look at it as if for the first time – because it is, park, stroll, take photos, marvel, rejoice, laugh, enjoy it as if it were an amusement park for adults and that green door over there were put in because I’d asked for it.

And no matter how much I try, I cannot do this with the dog alone. Somehow he doesn’t giggle back.

That’s why I’m so glad Flavia is my company and I do hope we will be able to go to more places before they close us in our separate regions again, her in Lazio, me in Tuscany.

And now close your eyes, I mean, open them, and be transported to Farnese, a town in Lazio less than an hour from me. And yet it wasn’t even on my list.

For Norm Frampton’s Thursday Doors challenge

36 thoughts on “Thursday Doors, 22/10/20: Introduction to Farnese

  1. My favorites: The lace curtain at Antico Forno, the clothes out to dry everywhere–no one does that here!–and the little beauty at the end of your post. Bestia’s new best friend. 😀 A great trip, Manja.

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  2. Yes the resemblance to Pitigliano is unmistakable, especially in that first shot from parking. Lots of similarities in the architecture, old stone, and colour schemes as well.
    Also, I’m really glad to see you have found a regular doorscursion buddy and are able to get out to explore and have fun in good company 🙂

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    1. Thank you, Norm, I’m so very glad as well. And I’ve just seen a photo of an AMAZING castle about an hour and a half from me that I didn’t even know it existed. Let’s see how long they will let us roam around. (Google Torre Alfina.)


    1. You’re most welcome, Susanne. 🙂 Italy gives me such hunger daily but often I’m too lazy to go anywhere which now feels especially wrong, even though we are advised that we only go out for work, education or health. Such trips take care of all of this (if you count blogging work. I do even if it doesn’t pay).


  3. Oh it’s gorgeous there! What a gift that Flavia suggested it, and I am delighted that you had time to explore on your own without her. I think there is value in seeing what catches our attention alone. Then possibly you could travel the same paths with Flavia, and see it all again with entirely different thoughts and perspectives. You are skilled at detecting and identifying doors. Possibly this is a talent that should be listed on your curricula vitae. I link you with doors as much as Norm now. When I was recently at the site of WWII ruins, my eyes locked in on the doors. I’m looking forward to posting them, because I took them all for you!

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    1. Thank you, Crystal. The thought of putting door-scouting on my CV made me laugh. Ohh, I’m looking forward to your doors too! It’s just great that Norm’s and my doors make you pay (more) attention to them. I saw just a little part of Farnese before Flavia arrived. I much prefer doing it in company. As I said, bestia just pulls me at the door where he wants to pee, and that’s about it. No proper conversation. 😀

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