The Farm

It wasn’t just Farnese and its doors aplenty the last time I met Flavia. After the town and a waterfall her friend invited us to a real farm nearby that belongs to her friends. You will see how beautiful it was.










It started with unfortunate news that just half an hour or so before we arrived a pack of stray dogs attacked a flock of their sheep and killed one sheep that was pregnant. It was already hanging from a hook with blood pooling below and this is the first thing I saw.

Just as I parked, they let the sheep out and they stampedoed by my car to pasture.

Next I was surrounded by a pack of house dogs, bloody and slightly panicky and not trusting at all. They were not there when the attack happened and I think they were thinking we had something to do with it. At first, but soon they saw we were not a danger.

We had a lovely stroll around the farm and met all the inhabitants. There are many. Only sheep are 300. A horse was being treated, a leg wound. Donkeys seemed in love. And I found my spirit animal.

The light was just right and it made it look idyllic. I can’t help thinking that this is life as it should be. This is the future: mud, blood, hard work, self-sufficiency, immediacy, intimacy, love.

Grazie, Flavia, her friend, and the owners of the farm Agriturismo S. Antonio for this wonderful experience that I didn’t see coming. I find it even more special today when Tuscany was proclaimed red zone and I’m not to move out of my municipality. Who knows for how long. I wish you all well.


23 thoughts on “The Farm

  1. I feel the same way when I visit a farm. The key word is “visit.” When I’m there, it all feels so romantic and fulfilling, but I imagine living and working there full-time would be utterly exhausting. By the way, we just spent some time with a bunch of goats also! We rode our bikes to an arboretum yesterday where they have “hired” a huge bunch of goats to eat away some invasive growth that took too long and was too expensive to clear with heavy machinery. The goats are brought in and chomp away at different sections, clearing it in no time! I love that – not just the cuteness of the goats but the win-win for all involved!

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  2. You’ve truly captured an idyllic scene with these photos ~ there is something about the energy a farm has, a fresh feel of nature that always makes me smile. Wonderful review of this place, and my favorite photo being the one of your spirit animal…perfect 🙂

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