Pic and a Word #213: Just an illusion

Peace is an illusion. As is the new year, not to mention new decade. At the last wedding I went to, the first dance of the newlyweds was to this song: Just an Illusion. Here is yesterday’s feary firey sunset, where fire is just an illusion as well. Unlike for some.











The year started off on the wrong cat-dog fireworks anxiety foot and I didn’t take any photos until yesterday’s walk on the beach. It helped but then I realised I was looking through to the other side.


Yesterday I saw behind the edge.

As if the fires from the far side were showing.

On this side just an illusion,
on the other harsh reality.

Over here a sunset,
an illusion of peace,
over there death.

As if to say:
See you on the flip side.

In response to Patrick Jennings’ Pic and a Word Challenge #213: Illusions

28 thoughts on “Pic and a Word #213: Just an illusion

    1. Oh, Amanda. You and Bushboy were the first two to like this post, and both of you, with all the rest on your continent, are on my mind so much these days. Our sky is on fire only in this way. I cannot even imagine yours.


      1. I know. Our sun was blood red tonight when it set. One Irwin was black as night at 3 pm due to the smoke. The only light was from the flames of the bushfire. Power was out.


      1. Probably. No experience there. By the way, I saw the Brexit film today (with Benedict C. as Dom C.) and I’m curious what you thought of it if you saw it. I’m amazed that it got made so soon. I feel that it explains a lot.


    1. Lisa has landed! 🙂 I had to check your route following the earthquake and found you on the other side of Mexico. I hope that the cat-dog situation was not on the boat. I couldn’t believe when amore told me that his father was bringing the cat with him for New Year’s Eve, after we (I) had to do so much work to keep them all happy on Christmas already. But it all ended well. I hope it started well for you too, this year.


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