Final calendar 2019

At the time when calendars are made for 2021, here is mine for 2019 with one photo for each month. Everything looks so peaceful. Little did we know.





If you have a look at the Calendar 2019 tag on my blog and see all the months at a glance, you would think that 2019 was a year of the blues:

Incidentally, when choosing one photo to represent each month today I didn’t pick any of these twelve featured photos.

I’m already dreading going through my 2020 photos for my next calendar, specifically the quarantine months. I might limit my Mexcess and cut the number to 12 photos per month from current 20.

But this was 2019 and everything was still in order. It wasn’t but so it seemed in my corners of two worlds, Tuscany and Slovenia, with some Rome thrown in.

I’d like to say that this is what I can do as a photographer even though recently I’m underwhelmed by everything, including my own photos. Be as it is, beautiful is not what is beautiful but rather what we like. And I like these, with hopes that you will too.

Be well and rejoice.

Since I can’t find where to add captions in this kind of setup, here are the photos again in my customary colourful gallery with words, how I prefer it. Click and be carried over.

And here are my previous final calendar posts. I just had a look at them again, quite interesting. It’s good that I keep doing this. A nice photo diary.

19 thoughts on “Final calendar 2019

  1. Love the memories – treasured even more now. I am always feeling low. I hardly photograph anything now. Only memories. Thank you, Manja. Hope you have a calm and peaceful holiday season.

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  2. Such a fantastic series of photos and to be able to relive such moments via calendar is awesome. And I think for 2021, you will be experiencing plenty of magic and happiness ~ collecting even more memories and terrific photos, Manja. Beautiful 🙂

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  3. Love especially November. An omen for 2021!
    I am very glad to read your article you are giving very good information to the people I have seen your website has been made very beautiful and I thank you again and pray that you Keep up the good.

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