Pic and a Word #212: My expanse

How are you on this in-between day? Getting ready for vision 20/20? Let me show you my expanse in December.













We returned home from Rome where we celebrated Christmas with amore’s family and struggled to keep Dog and Cat apart and happy. All ended well, as did the meet-up with fellow blogger Flavia who is as lovely as she appears on her blog if not lovelier. This time we chose the day with the perfect weather. There will be more.

I’ll post street art and door photos from this walk next year, but today here is my lagoon on a December afternoon from last week and a true story that comes with a tune, just like Patrick did for his challenge.

My expanse

I park by the lagoon.
The sunset has just been.
I decide on clicking, in case
it amounts to something.

Just as I exit the car,
another stops next to mine.
I don’t look but can see the lights.
And hear the music.

The lights don’t go out.
That’s it, I think.
The dude (must be a he)
is waiting the song out.

I hear it, I recognise it
and sing along
with a big grin:
Aerials in the sky…

I remember when I heard them first,
with sis on the dance-floor.
We didn’t know them then.
Had to ask some boys nearby.

I can still feel that stare.
Almost hurt, as if to say:
“How can you not know that?”
And aloud: “System of a Down.”

As I take the photo I notice
how his lights complement my sunset.
As if to say:
“Here, have this expanse

at my expense.”
I move to leave.
He exits and passes me by.
Both still humming.

To not be left with just one pic of my expanse, here are some more of the same lagoon, first in the morning and then in the afternoon, all from this December. Only now, after almost seven years, I discovered a path that leads along a narrow strip of land across the lagoon right next to our Coop, the supermarket where we buy groceries. I wonder how far you can follow it. Flamingos are in the other direction though. Have a look.

In response to Patrick Jennings’ Pic and a Word Challenge #212: Expanse

16 thoughts on “Pic and a Word #212: My expanse

  1. Flamingos! Ever since I’ve seen them in the flesh – and plumes – I’ve realised they’re actually nice birds and not tacky at all. I blame Miami Vice for that. Plus, these guys are Tuscan so they’ll be the ‘snobs’ of the flamingos, Grand-duchy and all… Have a fab 2020!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hehe, thanks, Fabrizio. You Italians from different regions have so much opinions about each others (amore would say that you’re from Austria, for example). I belong with the ‘scalo’ part of the Tuscans, you know, working class. 😀 Flamingos come because they feel good here, kind of like me. And – you’ve been watching the wrong kind of series. 😉 Plenty of good times ahead to you as well.

      Liked by 1 person

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