Thursday Doors, 11/2/21: Viterbo 3.

Last week we came down a little street and found the town proper. Here it is, Viterbo and its doors and people in the carefree February sun from one year ago.











Until this point Flavia and I had been in the historic centre of Viterbo for three hours already, lunch included, roaming the little streets and my feet were aching accordingly, and yet the city was getting bigger with each step.

Today’s photos were taken in the twenty minutes we needed to cross the busy expanse of the city with several churches, monuments and offices. The feeling was that nobody had a single care in this world since the warm afternoon sun would promptly zero in and destroy any such thought.

There will always be a before and after this day. Here is the before and what we have now is the after, without the party. My mother would say Mejte se kokr se čte. Have a good or a bad time, the choice is yours. Unless you or your loved ones are sick, in which case I wish you to get well.

Oh, there is a chance of snow for this weekend with freezing temperatures also during the day, starting tomorrow. Just what the flamingos asked for. As if the rising sea level wasn’t enough which makes it harder for them to pick shrimps from the sea floor.

I’m all set though, with the ingredients to make the Nigella nutella cake, my films, series and books. See you after the big freeze.

For Thursday Doors challenge hosted by Dan at No Facilities

27 thoughts on “Thursday Doors, 11/2/21: Viterbo 3.

  1. I love the disproportionate gates of the Beat Cafe. I’ve seen that done with doors, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen that arrangement with gates. The monument to the fallen is stunning. I love those massive doors.

    The post office doors are handsome. I can imagine making doors like that. That last door is impressive. It could use a coat of paint, but maybe they took care of that during the summer.

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    1. I love it how you spot everything, Dan. Thank you. But I had another look at the Beat Cafe gate and the left half seems folded. Or it wouldn’t close properly. Agreed? As for the new coat of paint, I wouldn’t count on it. 🙂


      1. I went back and looked, Manja and I think you are right. It’s hard to tell given the glass, but I guess it folds to fit in that space. Now I’m even more impressed with the craftsmanship.

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  2. The door with all the post holes….. I picture the mail person dutifully placing the mail in the appropriate hole, and it is all dropping into one big pile inside. Oh, nutella, how I do love you. Nigella’s cookbooks are so much fun to read, and not just for the recipes.

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    1. Haha, Lois, I had the same thought about all mail landing together on the floor but then realised that there must be post boxes on the other side of the door. Just they hide it this way! 😀 (No proof of this.) I have yet to read one of her books. Good to know. Thanks!


  3. I love the post holes on that wooden door, and truly adore the first orange door and the last blue door. We’re set to get some snow as well, very typical here this time of year.

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      1. So snow. Very snow. Almost to my knee snow. But the sun shone today and melted quite a bit. I love the snow, but I do not enjoy driving in it!
        What’s going on in Texas is the result of greed, greed, and more greed. It’s terrible.

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