Thursday Doors, 17/12/20: Best of 2020

Since this is the last Thursday Doors post for this year, it’s only proper to have a look at the selection of the most memorable doors posted this year. Plus, witness the premiere of my entry to the Thursday Doors official badge contest.











Before we begin, two things. First, besides hosting Thursday Doors Dan is also having the official Thursday Doors badge contest. My entry is coming at the end of this post, and the image for it is included in my especially bountiful gallery today with 35 doors. As you browse through it, try to guess which one it is before you reach the end and see my badge suggestion. 😉

Second, on a Thursday this April I wrote a door poem for the NaPoWriMo poetry month. It got me featured the next day, which I was especially happy to see. Here it is, written upon a Viterbo door. I haven’t written any poems since June.

And now as promised, the remaining 34 doors from Slovenia and Italy as posted in Thursday Doors posts on this blog in 2020. (Here are all at a glance.) Not all photos were taken this year though. Some doors are grand as such, while others make me fondly remember special moments in the company of my family or friends.

To all who are missing your loved ones this holiday season, let’s bear this through. More happy moments are sure to come. I will post at least twice more until the year is done – to round up my Calendar 2019 and to greet amore his Christmas birthday – but do be well and cin cin into new victories and new doors.

And finally, the grand reveal. This is my entry for the official Dan’s Thursday Doors badge. We’re not worthy. 🙂

For Thursday Doors challenge hosted by Dan at No Facilities

43 thoughts on “Thursday Doors, 17/12/20: Best of 2020

  1. I LOVE your door poem Manja! Very lovely flow. And your door with the flowing flower pots on each step is divine. Lastly, your TDBadge entry is excellent. You’re right, we’re not worthy! Have missed writing and posting but hope to be back soon.

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  2. You always have so many that it’s hard to choose (or name) a favorite. But I like the at home on a rainy day photo, not so much for any door but for the photo itself and rainy days are very, very few and far between in Arizona, so I’m enjoying all the virtual ones. 🙂


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  3. These are wonderful doors, Manja. Be sure to link your entry to the badge contest page.

    By the way, I’m still haveing the issue with this comment. As I’m typing, the page keeps reverting to the gallery.

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      1. It’s the gallery option you’re using. I informed them of the problem after several people complained when I used it in a test post of the different gallery options. Even now, I am having to type this comment in Notepad and paste the text in. Once you open the gallery, you’re doomed.

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  4. As always, you spoil us with such magnificent doors. The double doors with the little padlock and No 61 are my firm favourites. Thank you for sharing these again, and have a very happy Christmas.

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  5. What a fabulous door-year you had, Manja! Because of Thurs. Doors I discovered I love grand entrances. So your stairs leading up to the door is my favorite! Too bad I exchanged the review for the Thurs. Dan would take off, which I thought would be today! So, no review from me.
    Have a very merry Christmas Eve next Thursday, and Christmas on Friday:) Are you traveling to your parents? Hope you have no travel ban! Hope all this chaos will smooth itself out next year!

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