Lens-Artists PC: Shadows and shade

Slovenian language has one word for both too, and it’s senca (pronounced like senza in Italian).











No, this is not a door post, but Leya asks for shadows and shades this week for Lens-Artists photo challenge and the featured Piran door has both meanings of the Slovenian word senca.

Senca sole would then mean “without sun”, which is what shade is, but for a shadow the sun or some other light source is required. Then there are also silhouettes and reflections. Once all this was thought over, the following twenty images surfaced.

Except three recent ones they are all from last year and as is my habit, were taken in Italy, where I live, and Slovenia where I’m from. Without even trying or counting, merely by feeling, I managed to choose ten from Italy and ten from Slovenia.

Italy comes first. This year not yet, but last autumn we did manage to go on a few trips with Flavia, such as to Tarquinia and Santa Severa, to Lakes Vico and Bracciano, and to certain waterfalls and a farm.

Our courtyard concludes the Italian half. It really doesn’t deserve to be called a garden but it has nice shadows. In one photo from this April you can see bestia how happy he is that the sun has finally reached our yard enough that he can lie in it at least partially.

Slovenia is represented by two locations and each gets five photos. Last June, when I was finally able to go there for the summer, I first arrived in Piran on the coast where I spent the quarantine with my parents, and then moved an hour inland to Ljubljana, the capital.

Piran is famous for its last light and magic sunsets, but I’m surprised to see many nice Ljubljana shadows as well that I must have taken for granted since this is where I was born. Hopefully soon again.

In the meantime, the heat has arrived in a matter of a few days. By now bestia is hiding from the sun in his corner under the hedge, and on our walks is happiest to walk in the shade of my shadow. Smart dog.

For Lens-Artists Photo Challenge, hosted by Leya: Shades and Shadows

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35 thoughts on “Lens-Artists PC: Shadows and shade

      1. Ah, well by sunset the temperature would be just right for me down by the water so I would be there for sure – I can never resist a good sunset, or resist taking photos of it!

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  1. I would definitely join the locals I love all your pictures. My favorite might be the little slits of light on the sidewalk. Of course I love all the Bestia pictures. What a beauty! 🙂

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  2. A lovely gallery from your beloved places, Manja – and lots of bestia of course! I too love the narrow Piran street – and, we must do a Narrow challenge, mustn’t we? Thank you for the beautiful tour – and i do love the name Piran!

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  3. The long shadows of walking the dog! My favorite. And the brown door. Like you, I would like to be there. Thanks for dropping by my blog Manja. My friend, Crystal, speaks highly of you. I’m on a blogging break for the most part this summer, but I’ll be dropping by in the fall. –Curt

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    1. Thank you, K. 🙂 “This well” is relative. I have a LOT of photos. I like the shadows on our walk too but I’m rather fed up with always the same route. The change of countries is called for, a temporary one, of course. (Not for another month though…)

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  4. Great set. The sundial in shadow is a wonderful find. I have a cherished photo of a farmhouse in Switzerland where the farmer put two sundials on two walls so that he could always tell the time, no matter where the sun was

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