Thursday Doors, 19/11/20: Farnese 5.

Lovers of Italian doors, welcome to another edition of Farnese doors, all seven minutes of it.










This was one month ago, the last time I met up with Flavia. In my previous (non-door) post you could see the farm which we visited next, but this is still Farnese.

Thank you for revisiting with me these quiet, calm and happy moments in company. I’m glad to take you along each week and show you around.

Today we move into the shadows and in seven minutes find another little church, a friendly cat and more possibly premeditated laundry. But first, an elephant.

For Norm Frampton’s Thursday Doors challenge

33 thoughts on “Thursday Doors, 19/11/20: Farnese 5.

  1. Another week of marvelous photos Manja. Loving door 148 the best…and is that an inverted horseshoe that I see there? You also manage to capture the best photos of laundry haha. Have a good day my dear.

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  2. Beautiful stuff. The doors, the colours, the plants, the cat and of course the “premeditated laundry.”
    I’m not sure if it’s a crime that’s punishable by imprisonment, but with a good lawyer most people can get off with a ‘suspended’ sentence
    Boy do I ever crack myself up – just hilarious 😉

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