Friendly Friday sea creatures

I’m a friendly sea creature. I’ve been drawn to the sea all my life. And yet often I eat others.











As we have established, both Amanda – who sets sea creatures as this week’s Friendly Friday theme – and I love sea food.

My gallery consists of two parts: in the first I present myself as a sea creature-loving creature, and in the second I eat them all.

Maybe not the jellyfish. They are the future.

Thank you for feeding me. I will never forget you.

I gathered sea inhabitants on two previous occasions:

  • this post contains a collection of fish on walls,
  • and here are various sea creatures on display in Piran.

For Friendly Friday Photo Challenge hosted by Amanda from Something to Ponder About: Sea creatures


23 thoughts on “Friendly Friday sea creatures

  1. Well all the food looks absolutely delicious. Particularly the mussel dishes. I could eat them every day and not tire of them.
    The mural wall of sea creatures is amazing. Like being in an aquarium but outside. I hope it is not too different now.
    You did well for this prompt, Manja. Very well. And may I say you look totally happy with the decision that night too. And in love!! And you have never looked back.

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    1. Thank you, Amanda. 🙂 I read once something about an element in sea food that brings happiness. I don’t remember any details. And yet I endured food poisoning by mussels three times, back in Slovenia, twice in a restaurant. I still love them though. It was not their fault.


  2. The food! My mouth waters shamelessly!! I Love your cast iron skillet! I have a collection myself. Never one like yours, though. ❤ *runs & dives in that ocean & swims to catch up!!* ❤ you and your Amore are beautiful!! ❤❤❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh my, sly has come by! 😀 Great to see you here! This skillet is quite battered by now, we would need a new one. If you run in the ocean, you’ll only meet me in there. 😀 Bestia and amore don’t care about swimming! 😮 How can it be? And then we would eat because he would make dinner while we are swimming. Yum!


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