To health and good times, Nika!

Today my first friend celebrates a nice round number. I’m sorry that I’m not by her side but we will be reunited in May when it’s my turn.






















First, take your guitar (if you still have it) and see if you know how it goes. It starts with an A:

“You make wonderful things for me, you make me happy, and when things go bad, you are here, always by my side… In these rough times it’s good too know that you have somebody on your side, someone like you. Tuaaaaariuaaa!”

Our fathers (same year of birth) met our mothers (same year of birth), they got married the same year, we were born the same year, and seven years later our siblings came about. Yes, the same year. I sense a pattern here. Then your family got a dog, and we needed decades to realise this was an excellent idea.

When we were teenagers we grew into a trio when we met Taja far away in Croatia and had lots of fun together, there and elsewhere. Last summer we had a little reunion of the happy times spent in Duba, a village on the Pelješac peninsula.

And now I wish to repeat two photos from my last year’s birthday post because I could not find any better ones. You complete this trio perfectly. 😀

Yes, Luka Dončić turns 21 today as well, and as his shirt says, he is the future of basketball. No, you are not his mother. Instead you are the mother of the man in the middle who is following Luka’s footsteps (well, maybe not NBA quite yet).

For laughs, here is a little video that Slovenian comedian Klemen Slakonja did in honour of Luka. Klemen is the one playing all three main characters.

And finally, a little memory from a long time ago. When I moved to Italy – it will be seven years in April! – I left all my photos at home. But I took one, of you and me as children on the seaside, eating grapes. Here it is, with some others, all taken today after I called you. I’m glad to hear that overnight your friends occupied your building with the balloons.

Happy birthday, dear Nikica! I wish you a great celebration and plenty of happy, healthy and fun years ahead. ❤

Since the last photo in this post is also the last one taken in February, let me link to Bushboy’s challenge:

For Last photo for February 2020 challenge hosted by bushboys world

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