My mom as a Thursday Door

Today’s post has two galleries and each comes with a song: the first is of mama with doors, and the second is of mama without doors. Happy birthday, mom!














My mom is a regular viewer of my blog and after a birthday post for somebody else she sent me this message (translated): “Your bloggaries (her invented word) made me yearn to have a birthday every day. Or to be a door, especially a Thursday Door.”

You see, mama, today IS your birthday and it IS Thursday too! How lucky are you? That’s why you get two galleries, and the blogging memories at the end contain links to all your past birthday posts, too.

But first some easy listening – your favourite song from this year’s Sanremo festival:

Here is a compilation of my favourite door photos with you as the model. They are in the chronological order as taken, and you can observe how your interest for doors has grown together with mine.

The second gallery contains happy together moments from the past year, more precisely from last summer, as the three summer months were the only times we could be together in the entire year. And I’m grateful that we had at least that time.

First I spent some time in Piran with both of you and then I moved to Ljubljana where you joined me later. We had our annual card tournament and then spent the most wonderful four days together in Kranjska Gora under the Julian Alps and around it.

To take us through the gallery, here is a song “Mama” sung by Helen Reddy about what a beautiful thing a mother is. But who mothers mama?

Who cheers the clown?
Who heals the doctor?
Who mothers mama?
Let me be the one that you can come to
When out goes the sun
And everyone runs to mama
'Til the storm is ended

Mama, she’s the bottom line
Mama makes the water wine

And finally, here is our summer of 2020 in short. Look at this woman and tell me how she can be 57 (I mean…).

Not that we are counting, but happy 57, mom! (I mean…) But you keep telling people that you had me at 12, so who knows.

Happy birthday, cin cin and hope to see you soon, mom! And I hope you enjoyed your rich Thursday Doors birthday post. To many more!

For Thursday Doors challenge hosted by Dan at No Facilities

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51 thoughts on “My mom as a Thursday Door

  1. These are such wonderful doors, Manja, but they are all outclasses by your mother. In fact, I think my favorite photo today id the 2019 mom – where there is no door. I ‘d remind you that you are blessed to have such wonderful and supportive parents, but it’s clear from the pictures that yo know that. Wish your mom a happy birthday from me and from the Thursday Doors community (I think it’s fair for me to speak for them 🙂

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  2. To me your mom will always be the wonderful cheerful lady who sang to me over the internet and made my weekend. Even though I have never met her in person I smile every time I think of her.
    There are people who can just naturally share their joy of life with others without consciously trying – it just radiates from them. Your mom is one of those people 🙂
    Happy Birthday Mom xoxo!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ahh, Norm, how sweet! She is indeed one of those people that everybody loves and she loves everybody. Haha, I remember her singing to you, it was Thursday Doooors to the tune of Purple Rain. 😀 It’s so good that you smile when you think of it. That was such a memorable way to hit 50. Thank you so much! All good to you!

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  3. 😂😂😂 The doorfies! Just love this post from start to finish. Your mum is a massive portaphile, it’s clearly in the blood!

    Oh, your captions do crack me up! “The decay has its charm. Makes you look even younger.” & the door that was 2 dads high! That should be an official measurement 😄

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  4. This is such an awesome collection of photographs over the years. Your mum must have been delighted. She is gorgeous. I’m showing my girls this post so I can get something like this by the time I reach her age😉. Happy Birthday to your mum. Beautiful family💕

    Liked by 1 person

      1. No way! She looks super young. I looked at the picture and I said, ‘I’d like to grow old like that’ 🙂 … I thought maybe its a Gemini thing- in which case I’m lucky 😉

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  5. You have awesome parents, Manja! They seem to be much involved in life. That’s when age is not important! By the way, thanks for helping me on the way with my new blog -very much appreciated:) Have a great weekend! Jeshie2

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