Happy birthday, Metka cvetka!

Today celebrates my mother and in a week I will be finally able to hug her! Auguri, na zdravje, and may your birthday be as happy as mine, 50 years ago.

















First the soundtrack: a cover that you will enjoy, I’m certain. It’s just in the style you like. So what if they are wrong by ten years. You’re not showing those 54, that’s for sure.

Next, a little multilingual poem that I wrote last night (since I sent it to you, two mistakes have been corrected – my Spanish is rusty):

Ker vemo, da si samo ena, mama,
we must take good care of you, momma,
e dobbiamo farti felice, mamma,
weil se gibt nur eine, Oma
(tut mir leid – Mutti),
il faut cultiver notre jardin
y hacer feliz a nuestra madre!

And now let’s see what our past year was like.

And finally, one more song in which it is said that “my mother makes coffee with nothing but chicory, barley and rye”. It’s a lie but it’s a great song and setting.

Dear mother, enjoy being 54, enjoy your freedom, your garden, your husband and the thought of your daughters until we come and the peace is gone. 😀 But we will dance and laugh and chat, and swim! Cin cin and happy birthday!


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