Superblood wolfmoon

This moon of ours is getting more and more adjectives, so why not call it as Pearl Jam do on their last album.

I’ve seen many better photos of it than these but these are mine, taken over ten minutes on Wednesday evening.

I loved seeing it appear from behind the earth, even though that meant that I shan’t be eating for 24 hours, since every full and new moon I’m doing the self-imposed feel-good fast. You know, so that on all the other days the food tastes better.

Plus every time it’s up, I need to keep my two wolves happy. So much work. (Not.)

Be well and enjoy my extensive blogging history below the gallery. Hard to believe that over the years I posted all these on this same one day.

ADD-IT: Meanwhile it has come to my attention (thanks, Lenča!) that the Wolf Moon only happens in January. In May it’s Flower Moon. And here I thought Pearl Jam were being creative. See all adjectives – and there is one for each month and more – here.

This day in my blogging history

21 thoughts on “Superblood wolfmoon

  1. My God, Manja, your shots are stunning. STUNNING. The moonscapes – wow. And yes it’s a flower moon, the super blood wolf moon was the one in January 2019. I know cause I took plenty of shots of it! I haven’t been able to this month. The duck and the cemetery are just *kisses fingers* Obvs, great doors too! You make me want to go out with my camera light now! And I would if I didn’t have so much to do (she says, whilst dawdling on WordPress!) 😀

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  2. I love moon photos of all kinds. I’ve been working with some of my old ones. I haven’t yet figured out how to get good ones from this location. I’ll try again next month. (K)

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    1. Ahh, thank you, Amanda! I like them together like this, but as I was taking the photos, I had a feeling that I was doing something wrong. That I should change the setting or something. But with my point-and-shoot there is not much I could do.

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