Thursday Doors, 28/5/20: Vitorchiano 3.

No surprises today: we continue our January stroll through Vitorchiano where doors are alive and well and out to get you.











Normally I like to mix towns and countries a bit on Thursdays, but this town, Vitorchiano near Viterbo in Lazio north of Rome, I wish to show you in sequence. We are at part 3 and there will be at least two more.

I want to show you how a town can still take me by surprise, even though I’ve been taking door photos and posting them for Thursday Doors for five years. It’s not about taking a photo of every door, but what to do if better and better doors keep coming along? Just look the other way??

These posts are also a proof that I don’t take only photos of doors, which I was afraid of. I still look around and get the feel of the town, no matter how I rush through.

That said: time spent taking today’s photos? Eight minutes.

For Norm Frampton’s Thursday Doors challenge

31 thoughts on “Thursday Doors, 28/5/20: Vitorchiano 3.

  1. Love that fountain with the three spouts! Quite a number of doors in such a small vicinity! Beautiful and rustic doors, as always:) The walls showing how deep the valley is, hope you were standing on solid ground taking that capture!

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  2. I know the feeling of waiting for the next, more impressive one, instead of trying to capture them all. I remember that after a few days of Italian doors I was beginning to feel jaded (or perhaps spoiled) by how many there were, that I stopped trying to capture each one and just waited for the ones that truly knocked my socks off.
    Excellent finds as always. Have I already mentioned that I now want to visit this place? 😉

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    1. Thank you, Norm. I know exactly how it feels and I’ve seen you go from doorgasms to doorplacancy in a couple of days. There was something about this town that forced me to capture so many doors. And now going through the photos to post them I’m trying to see whether the doors were really that special or this is a magical town. If you want it enough, you will. 😉

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  3. Beautiful, Manja. I love that studded doors that you put a close up shot, we wouldn’t have seen the details otherwise and the two last photos with the back lighting, just perfect.

    Regards, Teresa

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