New trail

After eight years I find it, a lovely trail with a blooming field on the left and the train tracks and Lake Burano on the right. If I walked long enough, I would reach Rome.










On Thursday I woke up with a fixed idea that I needed to go to our train station and then continue on foot towards Rome. I never stroll with bestia in that direction. Rome is about one hour and a half away by train, so there is no fear I could reach it any time soon. And so I went.

It went more than splendidly. We walked until we reached the first house where the trail seemingly stopped. We didn’t meet anybody. There was a wonderful field on the left and on the right across the train tracks there was Lake Burano and the only structure visible on the other shore had never seemed as close.

Only then I noticed that bestia, who had been happily smelling and exploring just before, was looking at me in that “oh, really” way he has. He kept lifting one paw and then another, in the sense of “can you please remove this painful spiky seed, thank you”. The first part of the trail was fine, but the second part had just been mown and those seeds are really sharp and painful. Ask me why I’ve stopped going around on my bicycle. The record was eight punctures in one ride.

But it didn’t last long and we were on the firm ground again with a wonderful photo yield. We will be back in another season.

Allow me to take you along.

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33 thoughts on “New trail

    1. Thank you, Dan. The spikes are not the kind that would be a problem to remove. They are big and sturdy and don’t get deep into the skin. He just can’t continue before I remove it. But mostly he just threads softly and slowly so as not to step on one. He is 8 now and knows the tricks. 🙂

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  1. Your arty shots are so pretty–all the wildflowers! Poor bestia. Listen, little one, next time ask Manja to carry you. Play it up big time. I know you can do it. 😉

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    1. You’re most welcome, Maggie. I was just a little sorry for bestia watching him how carefully he was treading. There are often some passages elsewhere, mostly fields, where he just refuses to follow me. Mediterranean growth is spiky.

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    1. Wow, SMSW, interesting thought. He certainly knew something was up, seeing that we didn’t go anywhere new for so long. This weekend we have a normally busy late spring weekend with lots of cars in the parking lot which brought people from the cities. In that photo he was only two years old. 🙂 Now he is much more serious. Thank you!

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    1. Thanks, Jo. 🙂 This is a nature reserve, the oldest one in Italy, I believe, and access is limited, including dogs. On the other hand, you can rent this entire promontory for a party. That’s capitalism for you… :p


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