Thursday Doors, 10/9/20: Tarquinia 1.

Thank Dog Norm is back or who knows when I’d be posting again. This is the first part of my Tarquinia doors from last Saturday when I visited this Tuscia town for the first time with uncle and Flavia.











Thank Dog for our Saturdays too. On this occasion my visiting uncle joined Flavia and me to explore Tarquinia and Santa Severa on the coast on the way to Rome, where there is a castle which hosts a museum and a hostel. I had a swim just under the castle and then entered the museum with Flavia but these doors will come on a future Thursday.

Today we will see the first doors I saw when we parked in Tarquinia and got together and had cappuccino and cornetto, the traditional Italian breakfast. I wished to buy Flavia a little white sugar heart but they were only for show.

Then we walked to the walls from which there is a magnificent view of the countryside and the sea. These are the doors from this walk.

For Norm Frampton’s Thursday Doors challenge

34 thoughts on “Thursday Doors, 10/9/20: Tarquinia 1.

  1. More places for us to check out ‘next time’…it never ends! 😀
    The trio with the rounded tops and the one with your door modeling uncle are my two favourite shots.
    And sorry for the late visit 🙂

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  2. I especially liked your comments after each of the doors!!! Some made me laugh. Right now I am in -doors, seems like forever, with purple air (unhealthy to go out in it due to wildfires all over the Western United States). (One day the sky was black all day)

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